Total Basset Case: DIY: Chalkboard Wall

Jan 20, 2014

DIY: Chalkboard Wall

I teased you guys last week with another DIY we've completed lately from the List.
I am beyond obsessed with how this project turned out.

I know I am SUPER late to the chalkboard game and I'm not sure why I waited SO long to jump on this train but, better late than never, right?

First off, let's start at the end, the final product.
Eee! I love it!!

So now let's start at the beginning.
It struck me one day that it would be very cool (and useful!) to paint that wall with chalkboard paint.
Like I said, I had never used chalkboard paint and right in the middle of house seemed like a very practical place to start.

And I thought while the floor was being torn out was the perfect time to slap some paint on the wall.

So off to Lowes Floyd and I went to pick up some paint.  I was able to purchase a quart for about $10.  It really didn't take all that much paint and now I'm itching to paint every single surface in our house with chalkboard.

Step 1: I prepped the wall by filling in any holes and sanding the walls down.  I also taped the edges of the wall because I did not want the sides of the wall to have chalkboard.  (Apparently Will + Dad + Mom used to live in our house...)
Step 2:  Apply a thick coat of paint.  The paint is pretty thick but goes on easily. 
Step 3: Allow the first coat to dry completely (I went to Target, it was adequate time).
Step 4: Apply a second, thick coat.  My wall only needed the two coats but I read online that some need three.
Step 5: This is the most important step to make your chalkboard wall last.  Once the second (or third) coat is dry, you must cover the wall in chalk.  This helps to ensure that when you do write on the wall, the chalk goes into the paint and doesn't just soak into your wall.
Step 6: Allow the chalk to sit on the wall for a few (5-10) minutes and then wash off with a damp cloth.

And now the fun part!
Get to writing!
I love having a space to put our weekly meal plans, lists and things I need to pick up.
And Mister loves that I don't have 47 pieces of paper on the counter with all my lists on them.
(CPSA stands for Chunky Paw Stamp of Approval)
Now, what else can I slap this paint on?


Kait said...

OMG the CPSA--I'm dying! This looks fantastic! I can't wait to come over and write you love notes

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE! This turned out amazing! Love the CPSA :)

The Girl who Loved to Write said...

I think this adds so much!

Casey said...

I'm still loving how this turned out - so much!!! My only addition would be a big RHELLO again. The downside is that whenever you send photos of this, I'm going to pester you with recipe requests. So first off, pizza quinoa.

Morgan Sparks said...

So so cute!! I love this idea!!

Because Shanna Said So said...

This is too much fun! I have thought about doing one in our MUD room, my kids would love it...and so would I...actually I think I would write and color more than they would!! It turned out great & in the perfect spot!

Bri said...

This is soooo awesome!! Now I need to pick a wall in my house....haha :)

Anne said...

I love it!! Such the perfect spot for it. I've been intending to get on the chalkboard wall train but am going to be SUPER late to the party by the time I ever get around to it... want one in my office though.

Katie said...

so so cute!! i love it! i have been wanting to make a chalkboard wall!!

Ashley Robyn said...

I love love love it! I want to do this in our kitchen, but first we must take down wallpaper. Cringe..... hehe It looks so smooth. Something I need to practice before I do my own.

Allison said...

This is so exciting! What a perfect wall for it too. And that Pizza Quinoa is on my list of recipes to try!

Jen said...

Love your flooring in last week's post, and love how the chalkboard wall turned out. I have been wanting to do this, but am trying to figure out which area to paint. I'm afraid if I go buy some paint, I might paint the whole house...ha! Oh and I totally need that Fiesta pitcher. Starting to make mental lists of items I need to register for :)

Katie said...

I'm loving all these changes!! Your kitchen is going to look completely different. How did the appliance shopping go?

Unknown said...

I have ALWAYS WANTED to paint a wall with blackboard paint! I love yours-- that is the perfect place for it! I always thought it would be so cool to do one wall of a child's room/ playroom in it, also. Good job, Sarah!