Total Basset Case: Five on Friday...

Feb 7, 2014

Five on Friday...

....with some Floyd thrown in

1Erin mentioned it yesterday, but Vanderpump Rules has really taken me hostage.  For some reason I avoided it for a while but no more!! I have been sucked in while I work and and I am full on Bravo obsessed with it.  I haven't seen the finale yet, so DON'T tell me what all that raucous is about.

2.  Floyd.
This went on for a good 20 seconds.  Obviously long enough for me to snap a few pictures and then physically pull him out. The real kicker is that there wasn't even any trash in there.  I had just taken the bag out.  And mister smartypants has figured out that if he knocks the trash can over the lock pops open.  And yes, we have a locking trash can because that hound nose knows no bounds.

Floyd's grandma said I framed him and that he would never do this on his own.
Who do you believe?

3.  Scandal.
Again, why was I so late to jump on the bandwagon?!  
I'm not sure but I want to come back in my next life as Olivia Pope. 
Or at least own one of those wine glasses if they EVER come back in stock.
And every coat she's ever worn.
And #4 on this list and this entire list.

4. Online shopping.
And I don't mean, 'oh that shirt is cute, I need it.' (thank you #nospendfebruary)
I'm talking, I couldn't find the face wash I wanted at Ulta so I ordered it from Amazon.
Is that bad?
We also just ordered Floyd's food on Amazon and subscriped for it to be delivered every two months.
(Thanks to Casey for that tip!)
I mean, I'm saving gas money not driving to PetSmart, right?
Plus coupled with Ebates, I am basically getting paid to shop.
Are you using Ebates? It's so genius.

5. Hot tea
I have been beyond obsessed with hot tea lately.
Every day after lunch I have a cup full.
Does this make me an old lady?
I love the warmth and deliciousness of it.
*the 'after dinner watching Scandal hot toddy' version

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birdie to be said...

I haven't seen either of those shows! I am way behind being over here in Europe!

Lauren said...

We have that exact trashcan for the SAME reason lol - although lab, not basset! And SCANDAL! I've been obsessed since day 1, and am SO glad everyone's been jumping on board!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I really feel like I should be watching Scandal. I think that I will wait until summer so I can binge watch all the seasons. Am I the only one who thinks of "Ghost" every time I see Tony Goldwyn?

I am also drinking hot tea constantly - it is the only way to warm up! Did you see my new epic teacup on IG?

That Floyd…what a scamp! Lex wasn't feeling good so I let her eat pancakes on the couch. She got up to go to the bathroom and the furry vacuum snarfed those fast!

Heather said...

i'm so obsessed with scandal and of course olivia's wardrobe!!! Those bassetss... so sneaky. Fred gets into all kinds of stuff on a daily basis.

Alexes Eide said...

SCANDAL is one of the best shows on TV!!!!!!! I get so sad when its over and I have to wait a week for the next one lol. My husband and his family rewatched it from the start over xmas. SOOOO GOOD! Feb 27 is when it comes back on!

The Beckers said...

I switched from coffee to tea and it has been a great choice. We can be old ladies together. Do you add milk? (British style)

katelyn w said...

AMAZON! It gets me everytime! Ever since my neighbor introduced me to amazon prime, I get freakin toilet paper on amazon. I mean it comes the next day! Its addicting!!

Katie said...

OMG I cannot wait until next weeks vanderpump rules reunion....that finale. It almost wants me to google if it is scripted. Almost! And I so wish we could use ebates for amazon. Id get so much money back if it was possible!

Bri said...

I am all about Ebates right post it note on my computer that says "Use Ebates" do I don't forget...guess that shows you how much I online shop #oops..#isthatbad? lol Any VPR? Oh yeah..I watch it and think, "So glad my life isn't filled with that much drama and horrible boyfriends and friends.." But I cannot stop watching it...I get antsy waiting for the next episode...and the finale? Sooo will be Vandershocked. Can't wait for the reunion!

Because Shanna Said So said...

I have been obsessed with hot apple cider, but hot tea sounds perfect right about now. I am over this cold stuff! UGH! And did you know that I have never ordered anything from Amazon before? Crazy!

Christy {SparklesandSpinach} said...

Vanderpump Rules is my Fav Reality show!!! Love love love it! And cannot believe what went down on the finale. I won't ruin it for you just in case you haven't seen it yet! I have actually had Scandal in my Netflix queue for months! I still have yet to watch it. Maybe if we have another snowy weekend here, I'll finally pull the trigger. I think I'm afraid I'll get sucked in and binge. lol. Happy Friday!!! =)

Kait said...

I just noticed your 2014 total mileage on the sidebar and I'm lovin' it! Plus, I have one snuggly snout of my own browsin' blogs and looking at hound dogs. Judy wants to know if Floyd has a GF! #feisty #knowswhatshelikes

The Southern Thing said...

That picture of Floyd is hilarious. That sounds like something mine would do!

Chrissy@SimpleJoysBlog said...

Visiting from the link up. I just heard of Ebates. I feel like there has to be a catch but it sounds good.

Caitlin said...

We used to have this heavy duty, un-flipabble, stainless steel trashcan that was like $200 (purchased when we rented and our only dependent was Fred) from our NYC days. That thing was a tank, and finally he gave up. I'd send it to you, since he's too old for those shenanigans, but it would probably be close to $200 to ship the beast!

shay said...

i love me some vanderpump rules! got super hooked this season. watching other people's drama is FUN! LOL

Sarah Tucker said...

VP Rules is the best.... I could watch it all day, everyday!

Anne said...

Yes to all of Olivia Pope's coats, Amazon shipping, and Ebates!

Unknown said...

That Staasy on Vanderpump Rules is a classic MEAN GIRL BULLY. She has no redeeming quality, as far as I can tell.

The Lady Okie said...

If you're an old lady, I'm an old lady. I love me some hot tea!

Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings said...

We are OBSESSED with Scandal and can't wait for it to start back up in a couple of weeks. And yes girl, we are waiting for those wine glasses to come back in stock! They are perfect! #oliviapopeisourspiritanimal

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings