Total Basset Case: Floyd's Friends : What's Dixie Doing?

Feb 28, 2014

Floyd's Friends : What's Dixie Doing?

Oh hey, Floyd's Friends is BACK.
And we are back with a basset, is there a better way?

I'm so happy to introduce you to Robyn and Dixie today from What's Dixie Doing?

Hi there! It's so nice to meet you! I'm Dixie & i blog over at What's Dixie Doing? so my grandpa can keep up with me now that my mom got married & i moved out! Speaking of my mom, her name is Robyn and she blogs over at Invincible Summer, which ironically happens to be my favorite blog of all time!

My mom told me all about this Floyd character and how he reminds her of me! So i just had to check ole Floyd out & boy was she right! I get so excited when Floyd shares on the blog & i am so excited to be one of Floyd's friends! He's my first & favorite friend.... besides my sister, Bailey. (mom made me say that) but Bailey is a Sheltie so she just doesn't understand us basset hounds!

you know there are some misconceptions floating around about bassets. everyone thinks that bassets are super lazy, but that's just what we want you to think! because, actually, we are pretty adventurous. for instance, one night my dad left a loaf of bread on his desk which just so happens to be the room i sleep in. as soon as i was sure him & mom were fast asleep... i hopped right up on that desk & got the loaf of bread! they probably thought it was safe because i have short legs & am low to the ground - but i have my ways of getting things when i want them. the trick is that i have to want it.

another misconception about basset hounds is that we are slow. which, again is what we want you to think! you wanna go on a walk & i don't? i'll drag my feet, pull the leash & stop to sniff everything that has a scent. you want me to come inside? i'll take my precious time walking around the yard as slow as i can so i don't have to come inside. you put food down & leave the room? I AM THE FASTEST DOG ALIVE & I WILL GET YOUR FOOD!

speaking of all things basset hound... i wanted to share with you guys some of my favorite basset habits!

Dixie's Favorite Basset Habits

finding a huge pile of pillows or clothes, jumping on them to fluff them up & plopping down!

going on a walk with my family, but only if it's a quick one! 

 laying in front of the fireplace or heater. 

 smelling all the smells out of the window! (and dreaming of being outside)

 being the cutest dog on the planet!

 sneaking up on to beds or couches that i'm not supposed to be on!
(but i'm blending in pretty well, aren't i?!)

 laying in silly positions to make my mom & dad laugh!

 hating nail trims & all things vet related!

letting my ears just flop in the wind!

what about you? what do you love about bassets? 

Oh Dixie, you may be Floyd's long lost sister!
You markings are so similar to Floyd's and it sounds like you have a lot of the same habits.
Food on the counter left unattended? Check
Moving quickly when you steal something you shouldn't have? Check

Those are definitely true basset qualities.

Thank you so much for coming to visit today Floyd and us!!

If you and your pup want hang out with Floyd just shoot us at email at totalbassetcase{at}gmail{dot}com and we will get you on the schedule!

And the Lacelets giveaway winner is : Linda.  Congrats! I will get your information over to Lacelets!

Happy weekend, friends!


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

We needed a girl basset up in here to break up the all boys club! Dixie and Baxter could be BFFs, he also takes his sweet sassy time coming in from a potty break…at 3am. And he hates his nails being trimmed. The groomer had to drag him away from me yesterday, it made me sad! He used to just trot happily back. Old and grumpy (but smelling really good and finally devoid of crusted pancake batter on his ears).

Happy Weekend Floyd and Dixie! Baxter is currently enjoying his early morning nap on the rug. Don't confuse that with the mid-morning nap or the late morning nap. :D

Robyn B said...

thank you so, so much for having us!!! Dixie & Floyd may very well be related! :) ahh bassets are the BEST!

can't wait to meet some more of Floyd's friends!!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

Dixie and Floyd would make a great team. I think the two of them need to start a long-distance love affair. I would love to hear those phone conversations. "Did you steal anything today?" "A loaf of bread, what about you?" "Just mom's spot on the couch..."

Kait said...

Oh I love it when Floyd has friends over! Hi sweet Dixie! You are so cute :)

Sarah Tucker said...

Dixie! I love that little name. And I agree...Floyd's long lost sibling!

Steve Prout said...

The more Bassetts, the more fun!
- Dixie's Grandpa, (Steve)

Life's a shoe said...

awww...cute dog!