Total Basset Case: Don't Worry About It

Mar 11, 2014

Don't Worry About It

Last week I was talking to my mother in law on the phone and she told me that she had given up worrying for Lent.
And it stopped me in my tracks.
What an awesome idea.
Like, no worrying. She just wasn't going to do it. 

I've always thought of giving up something for Lent meant and actual item, object, food, drink, store, etc.
But when I stopped to think for .2 seconds, that doesn't have to be the case at all.
It is just as challenging to give up a nonphysical item (and maybe even more so).
Whether that's greed, jealously, judging, worrying, guilt, gossip or another emotion that clogs your brain on a daily basis.

I am queen worrier in my house and I would take a guess that a lot of you ladies are as well.
I think it's just in our nature.
I swear I can't help it, worry just fills my brain sometimes. 
I'm not going to list the things I worry about because it will inevitably make the list grow and make those worries worse than they already are.
But just know they range from the silliest things to the worst.
The full spectrum, all day long. 

I will admit that the moment she told me that I immediately that, 'well that is amazing of her but I could never do that.'  It was my first reaction to discount it as something that I would never, ever be able to accomplish.  But the more I thought about it, the more I knew it was something I wanted to at least try.  And maybe I can't stop worrying about every. single. thing that crosses my mind every day but maybe I can stop worrying about a couple of things.  And maybe I can't stop until Easter (or beyond) but maybe tackling it one week at a time is possible.  
Because you know that feeling when you do finally let something go and it's as if the biggest weight is lifted?  Or when you are on vacation and don't have a care in the world because there isn't a thing to worry about but enjoying life? I mean that feeling in itself is worth it.

Mister's mom has also always said (and told us) 'Let go and let God' and I think these two things tie into each other so well.  
We can worry, we can stress, we can try to plan (I am so guilty of this) but life is going to happen like it's going to happen.  And it may not always happen like we've planned or thought it would but it's going to and it will work out in the end.  This is something that Mister has always told me and there may be days I still can't wrap my head around or fully understand but I do know it's true.  
And worrying about certain things isn't going to change the outcome, it ends up just stressing us out more.  I am 100% guilty of this, all the stinkin time BUT I am trying to get better.  
I don't think my worrying will ever go away but I think this is a nice, conscious start.

SO, do you think you could give up worrying? Maybe even for a week or even just about one thing?  I promise, over here in our house, we are surely trying.  

And if you want to try a few other things to give up for Lent, check out this list. 
And if you need a more light hearted list, check out Sarah's here


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I am doing this. What an excellent idea, Sarah!

Unknown said...

This is such an interesting thought. Ive always associated lent with "stuff" too. I love her, and your, perspective on this!

(also I might have sung a little bit of "let it go" when I saw your pic ;) )

Kaliwood said...

I really want to try this about one particular thing I worry about. Because there is nothing I can do about it right now! I just need to figure out some concrete ways to stop the worrying.. it's tough!

Good message and good luck!

Robyn B said...

so brilliant! worrying is so hard to not do! but if we focus on God who holds our future - we can trust in Him with what we would otherwise worry about! :)

shay said...

Our priest at church had suggested giving up worrying for Lent too! Such a good, but hard idea!

Shelley said...

i love this.. growing up my mom always told us not to give a "thing" up, but try to be a better person – aka be nicer to your siblings, etc., so i loove this concept of giving up worrying! going to have to really try this for the next few weeks, because i am a HUGE worrier.

Jen said...

I am a chronic worrier as well. When things are actually going right in my life I seem to worry even more expecting the worst to happen. Weird I know. For Lent I am going to church every week (which is something I need to do beyond Lent), and I started this Promises Bible Study that Elise over at Cheers Y'all posted a few weeks ago. It has a lot of the same topics around how we need to let go and put everything in God's control. That's hard for a person like me who likes to be in control of everything, but the study is helping me to try and give up a little less control/worrying. We will see how it goes. Good luck with your challenge to stop worrying!

Sarah Tucker said...

This is exactly the post I needed today. With all our house stuff going on, I am constantly worrying about something that I have no control over. Thanks for this lovely post, friend!

Heather said...

Thanks for sharing! I needed to read this today. I struggle every day with just letting things go and living in my moments.

Cece @Mahogany Drive said...

I'm a ridiculous worry wort too. The only thing that saves me right now is that my husband is the total opposite. He keeps me sane and a bit more balanced. It's helped a lot! But it's something I really need to work on.

The Southern Thing said...

What a great idea! I think we can all benefit from this at some point!

Because of Jackie said...

I would love to give up worrying about my kids and just enjoy the moment, I feel like I focus so much on what I wish I was doing and not enough about right now.

The Lady Okie said...

I just asked Jordan to pray for me the other day about the fact that I'm worrying about something that may not even happen! Ridiculous. I agree that worrying is a waste of time, and God really does have it all in control if we'd just let him handle it! Great post :)

awhite said...

Ooh, as a master worry wart, I think this would be INCREDIBLE to be able to give up- and not just for Lent, but for forever and ever, ha!


Angie said...

I'm a total worrier. As much as I'd LOVE to give it up (because it's exhausting), I don't think I even realize I'm doing it most of the time!

Anne said...

Awesome idea...from an even awesomer mother in law. Love it :)

Holly said...

I immediately thought the same thing you did when I read your MIL was giving up worrying. But I have tried in my life lately to stop worrying about so many things. To let go. I really want to tattoo that on my body. Let go. There are so many things we worry about that we have absolutely no control over, and won't change even if we do worry about them. I hope you're able to stop worrying some and let go(d).

Unknown said...

Sarah, I gave up "Worrying" for Lent as well! I usually always give up chocolate for Lent. I considered giving up WORRYING ABOUT CHOCOLATE, but decided that might be a bit TOO specific......So far, giving up worrying is so freeing! I have been in many situations already where everyone around me is frantic about something, and I just stop and say,"I'm not going to worry about it--ai gave up worrying for Lent!" It's amazing how everyone around you seems to calm down, also. It's a very interesting study in human nature, at the very least.

Unknown said...

I love this approach to Lent. I always think about giving up chocolate or french fries, but working on something that can make you a better and more positive person sounds great!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I think your mother in law is onto something wonderful, and your perspective on it is right on, too. What will be, will be...and on the flip side, half the things we worry about will never actually happen anyway. I have been a worrier since I was a child and I honestly think it has become kind of a habit! I'm interested in how this goes for you. I hope it refreshes your mind and spirit :)

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

The idea of giving up worrying/anxiety actually makes me anxious - what if I don't do it right?! Hahahaha!

But seriously, what an awesome idea.