Total Basset Case: Five on Friday

Jul 18, 2014

Five on Friday

What better time than a Friday to share some favorites of the week with you?

1. Wine night
Not only do we have really awesome neighbors but they are also super fun to hang out with as well.
Last night we took Alexis and Danny with us to Wine School at Whole Foods.  
Always a good time.

2. CSA
I plan on a full blog post about this BUT I am beyond excited to announce that we've joined a CSA and will have fresh produce coming to us weekly.  If you know me and my love for fresh food and recycling and saving the Earth, this whole shindig is RIGHT up my alley.
Earlier this week we made Kait's zucchini crust pizza with our CSA goodies! 

3.  Blog love
I am still on a  high from our blogger blate earlier this week.
And I love sharing blog love and LOVE this idea of a party that Anne for her and her husband's birthdays recently.  
4.  Sous chef
We all know Floyd is the ultimate sous chef.
He was EXTRA helpful in that department earlier this week.
Right in the middle of the floor is a perfect spot. 

5.  Weekend
Finally Friday! And some fun things in store so it's a double bonus 'round these parts!
Hoping to sneak away to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale too...
Anyone else going??

What's on your agenda for the weekend? 

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Because of Jackie said...

Lots of things to look forward to! I need more details on wine night, sounds RIGHT up my alley;)

Betty said...

Hooray for wine tasting and fresh produce!! Also, Dudley also turns into a 'sous' chef while we cook...nothing gets past him. Have a great weekend!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

That fresh produce looks delicious! Taffy is another excellent sous chef...but she usually stands and gives me the stare down vs. lying in the floor!

The Lady Okie said...

I hope when we have neighbors they will be awesome and we can hang out with them like you do! Looks like a good time :) And yay for fresh foods!

Anne said...

Wine school... next time, I'm in! :)

CSA box... isn't it fun?! Which one are you doing? We're doing the Our Harvest and it's been great (especially now that the swiss chard is done). We'll have to share recipes for using all this goodness.

And Nordstrom sale... pretty sure I'm not allowed to go as I happened upon the Athleta sale today. Oops. Also the J.Crew online extra 40% off sale. Oops.

Have a great weekend, and thanks for the party shoutout!

Angie said...

Enjoy your weekend friend!

Jodi said...

I must check out Whole Foods in my area to see if they do those wine nights. So fun!

Because Shanna Said So said...

I def need wine school in my today! Ha!! I need to check out our Whole Foods to see if they have this too!

Alexis Rosenbaum said...

Wine school! Where they don't give you tastings but entire glasses. Sometimes they let you take home the left over unopened bottles of wine too!