Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : Girly

Jul 22, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up : Girly

Our weekend was all sorts of crazy, jam packed fun.
Hence why you are getting a weekend wrap up on Tuesday.

We spent the weekend celebrating my fabulous Mama and her birthday!
We are all about birthdays in our house and hers is no exception. 
The weekend was filled to the max but we managed not to miss a beat with our schedule.

Friday night we headed to Cooper's Hawk for dinner to celebrate.
And back home for present time!
Saturday we were up bright and early for a fun filled day.
 First stop was the Princess Diana exhibit at the Cincinnati Museum Center.
Shamefully that was only the second time I'd been to the Museum, we really need to make an effort to go more.
They wouldn't let you take pictures inside BUT, let me just tell you, the exhibit was AMAZING.
I'm talking tiaras, dresses, photos and HER WEDDING DRESS. With the 25' train to boot.  It was incredible to see and so well displayed. 
After dreaming about becoming a princess, we were off to be pampered like one.

We spent the rest of the afternoon at the spa getting massages and pedicures.
And yes, they were as lovely as they sound.

And if all that wasn't girly enough for us, I had a race that night, aptly named 'Girls Night Out Five Miler'!
It was the inaugural year of the race and it was a great turn out and a GREAT race. Nothing like a quick five miles on a Saturday night.  I beat my own time from a few weeks ago and ran my fastest mile ever.  Not the smartest decision during a race but it helped me achieve a pretty decent time overall so I guess it worked out!
*please excuse the after photo here.  News flash - Ohio is SUPER humid.
Plus any race that serves wine at the end is a winner in my book!

Sunday was all about shopping.
You know, what Mom and I do best.
We made sure not to miss the Nordstrom sale.
I'll show you those goodies later ;)

Come back tomorrow for an extra special guest poster, I promise you won't want to miss it!


Erin LFF said...

SO glad you got to see the Diana exhibit too, wasn't it amazing?! I just wanted to TOUCH all her clothes they were so amazing!

Unknown said...

I love it that you and your Mom got to share such a "girly" weekend! And I LOVE it that they serve wine at the end of your race!

Jen said...

Sounds like the perfect weekend! I love girly weekends. And I am now so interested in the Princess Diana exhibit. We have been talking about taking a day trip, so we might have to head down south and check that out!

Betty said...

Girly weekends are the absolute best...especially when celebrating birthdays! And way to go on your race!

Anne said...

Such fun ways to celebrate with your mom! Wine, shopping, Princess Di, and spa?! Perfect. Now I'm in the mood for something girly. (And a run - going on a week off because of IT band problems and worried it's going to be a long injury time-out... BOOOO.)

Angie said...

This post makes me want a girly weekend with my Mommy!

Glad you all had such a great time!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw the Diana exhibit a few weeks ago and loved the clothes too. I totally thought I'd be able to sneak a few pictures until I saw all of the guards!