Total Basset Case: Floyd Reports : A Weekend at Gmas

Jul 23, 2014

Floyd Reports : A Weekend at Gmas

I mentioned yesterday that we have an extra special guest poster today.

Mr. Floyd is going to take the stage, with the help of his Gma, to tell the tales of his adventures at her house.  You know, what happens at Gmas, stays at Gmas.

He barked, she typed.

Take it away, folks!
Floyd here! My Mom keeps forgetting to tell you people where I stay when she and Papa are out kicking their heels up on their out of town trips. You know I can’t stay by myself, I am way too “high maintenance” for that! On Thursday night my Papa and I met my Papaw and Grammy in Lawrenceburg  for them to take me to my Gma’s house in Madison for the weekend. I did not have any idea where I was going (because no one told me). I knew something was up and being the dog with the best smeller in town I was on a mission to find out. 
When the car stopped we were at Gma’s house in Madison! She is the best Gma in the world. I was so excited to see Gma because she spoils me rotten! Let the party begin!  
Sophie, Gma’s dog was there to welcome me. In the house we went, the smells at Gma’s are out of this world. She has the best treats and water with magic sprinkles in the world! (More about treats and water with magic sprinkles later). After getting my luggage in the house and settling me in, it was bedtime. You all know I need my beauty rest! 
WAIT A MINUITE I had to check things out at Gma’s. Something might have changed since my last visit. You know new trash in the trash can, treats, Sophie’s dog food and the water with the magic sprinkles in it. Gma and I had a talk about not emptying the trash cans, stop grabbing her socks and taking off with them and sharing Sophie’s dog food. Then she gave me a smooch, a dog treat and put me to bed. 
Friday and Saturday were a blast, but Gma always gives me chores to do! She believes that dogs have to earn their way in life, you know responsibility and all those things that make us better dogs. My chores were to chew a bully stick while laying on my cushy bed in the living room under the ceiling fan. 
But that’s not all I had to take every step that Gma or Sophie took, you know I wouldn’t want to miss something important! I had to lay in the sun, take a walk on the golf course and eat treats every time I came in from outside, even if I didn’t potty! I luvvvvv her dog treats! Sophie is so lucky to get them every day!  
Oh and don’t forget Gma’s talks, and belly rubs. Gma likes for me to listen when she talks to me, don’t’ tell her, but sometimes I groan or grumble and pretend like I really know what she is talking about! She likes that! 
For all of my dog friends, there is something special about the water at Gma’s house. I think she puts magic sprinkles in it. 
On Saturday, I had to do my chores all over again! I was so tired that afternoon I took a nap on the bed that my Mom and Papa sleep on. 
It smelled just like them. 
Then I got the brainy idea that I would try out Gma’s bed and guess what? 
It was the best bed ever!  Gma’s bed was a great place to nap…just call me Goldilocks. It was just right! 
Then came Sunday, I knew something was up when Gma started packing my suitcase. We were going to take a road trip! I love to ride! Gma and I met my parents to take me home. I love to stay at Gma’s house, but for now the party is over!  Hey Gma “when we gonna do it again?? 
And that is precisely why Floyd sleeps for 3 days after he has visited Gma. 
Who votes that Floyd and Gma should write more posts?


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I. Love. It. I think that they should have their own series - Floyd & Gma: Straight Talk.

Robyn B said...

love it! they should definitely do more posts :)

Kait said...

More importantly, when can I go to GMas?

Because of Jackie said...

Wait, can I go to Grandma's and get spoiled…please????!

Bri said...

Awwww...he's just the sweetest. Our Bella is just as spoiled. We get picture texts of her pouting with my mother in law when we are gone for a day haha.

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

very cute! my dog also gets exhausted when he does anything other than sleep ; )

Ashley said...

I love Floyd's "chores". !!! :)

Unknown said...

Yes, I definitely vote for more Floyd posts! I see why he is so tired when he gets home!

Allison said...

Haha. Love this! Goldilocks is right. Glad he gets spoiled everywhere he goes. :)

Jen said...

Oh Floyd! GMA's are always fun! Our pups spent almost 2 weeks at GMA's during our wedding week/honeymoon. We called it Summer Camp, and they enjoyed sammiches for lunch and probably dinner, lots of outdoor time to explore, and had biscut time at 3 pm every day. They slept for a week after they came home. Talk about spoiled...ha! And I agree, more Floyd/GMA posts!

Unknown said...

Floyd is lucky to be spoiled by his GMA!! I really enjoyed the post GMA!!

Julie @ Homegrown State of Mind said...

Oh, Floyd. You are lucky to have such a wonderful Gma! My Lily goes to her grandma's house too when I am away. They have the best trash there and it's so easy to get in to, and a big pond to venture in to and get all muddy and wet. Floyd, you would love it there. :-) Love the Floyd posts, Sarah!