Total Basset Case: Flippin Out {Flipbelt Review}

Aug 28, 2014

Flippin Out {Flipbelt Review}

Items that make my running game easier go straight to my heart.

I am proud to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador and equally excited to show you about FlipBelt!
I love the message of Sweat Pink and if sweat had a color, I'm positive mine would be pink.
Sweat Pink's support and encouragement of women, fitness and health is fantastic and a great resource for us ladies! 

I, admittedly dorkishly, wear a water belt often while I run, especially if it's super hot out.
When it's not as hot, or I'm not going as far, I have been on the hunt for something else to hold my phone, keys, ID, etc.  
My arm band is just about dead so thankfully, FlipBelt has entered my life!
I will often run in areas away from our house and don't have a place to put my keys and FlipBelt is the perfect solution! 

FlipBelt fits snuggly around your waist and perfectly hides, holds and secures your belongings.  All without it being too heavy or riding up while I run. 
Ta da!
My phone is safe and secure and my tunes are readily accessible!

P.s. can you spot the basset?
Such a stage dog...

And just for you, Sweat Pink is offering 10% off a FlipBelt to you with the code sweat33.  

I am a really big fan of the FlipBelt!  
I really hate when my running rhythm gets messed up (like earlier this week when I wore the wrong socks and got a blister!!) so anything that makes my running easier and smoother is a true winner in my book!


Jen said...

I definitely need this. I have a cute pink arm band, but it leaves a nice hot pink stain on my arm when I sweat...attractive right. I totally need a water belt too. That's a great idea. I don't run very far, like 3 miles is my max, but these hot days make me so dehydrated, and why I get hungry or thirsty, I find my running takes a hit.

Because of Jackie said...

I love that! I'm not a runner, but that thing would be so useful on the elliptical, what a GREAT idea!

Meg O. said...

I absolutely LOVE my flip belt!!! Not only is it great for running, it's awesome at the gym. I can't wait to use it again!

Holly said...

Well this is a nifty little gadget isn't it?! It really doesn't move when you run?! That's the worst, when things don't stay in place while running and you can't focus on the run because you're worried about losing things. Might have to look into this FlipBelt thing!

Jordon said...

I have one of these and I love it! They make keeping your stuff together SO much easier!

Allison said...

How amazing is this little thing? Genius. :)

The Lady Okie said...

So you like it? I really don't like wear things around my waist when I run, but it actually looks pretty lightweight, which is cool.

Unknown said...

I love it that Floyd is photo bombing !

Shelley said...

i just saw this on pinterest last week. i've never worn anything around my waist when i run, but this looked pretty lightweight. i'll have to seriously check it out since you gave it such a good review :)