Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : Always Around

Aug 28, 2014

Fridays with Floyd : Always Around

It's no secret that Floyd is never more than .4 steps from us.
Whether that be on the sofa, the kitchen, the bed, anywhere in the house, inches from our face. You name it, Floyd is there. 
(Except if it's anywhere past 10pm and he's already put himself to bed.)
Run downstairs to switch the laundry, Floyd is on your heels.
Pop outside to water the flowers, Floyd is at the door watching.
Forget something in the garage, Floyd is right by the door.
Homeboy has serious FOMO.
Who knows, there could be a man handing out gallons of peanut butter down in the laundry room and Floyd would miss it.
Or something like that...

So as much as I curse him for tripping me while I'm cooking, honestly I would be very lonely in the kitchen without him.

And the case was no different when we were taking photos for yesterday's blog post.  
You can see his snot in the corner of the door, not wanting to miss out on an ounce of the action.
Then, of course, it was time for his photo shoot.
So as you can see, he's literally, always around.


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Fletcher is the exact same way, he is always under my feet, he even follows me in the bathroom! Does Floyd do that?

Floyd looks very stately in his photos - at least the top one. :D I tried to take pictures of Fletch tonight but he kept bum rushing the camera.

Casey said...

I never get tired of seeing this sweet face! Smooches from Rhaunt Casey!!

Betty said...

That is so sweet that he always wants to be near you guys. Unless it's past his bedtime (so responsible that Floyd!). :)

Robyn B said...

love me some basset love! :) my basset sits on my feet as i'm using the bathroom each morning!

she also puts herself to bed at 10pm! must be a basset thing! too funny!

Unknown said...

Love the Floyd pics! He is looking dapper after a good nap!

Kait said...

Froyydddddd! Aunt Kait misses you! Also, I see your papa in the window!