Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : Houndini 2.0

Sep 26, 2014

Fridays with Floyd : Houndini 2.0

For today's post we shall talk about things that Floyd does that make his mothers heart stop before 7am.

Thursday morning Floyd and I got up, as we always do and he went outside.
No more than a few moments later he was howling (at WHO knows what) but seeing as it was before 7am, I don't figure the neighbors would really love that.
So I stepped out onto our porch to shush him. 
Mid shush I realize he is on the other side of our fence.
As in, in the neighbors yard.
As in, what in THE HECK FLOYD?!
I stood there stunned for a second because I thought it was a shadow that he was on the other side and there was no way he could be in the neighbors yard.
Well my eyes were, in fact, not deceiving me and he was, in fact, in the neighbors yard.

I ran down the steps and as I was nearing him and (apparently the escape route) corner, he just sauntered back to me.
I lifted part of our fencing wiring up and he just pranced back into the yard like nothing was wrong.
I scooped him up (not the easiest task) and proceeded to carry him back inside.
All the way, asking him a plethora of questions while he just stared at me and waited for his breakfast.
'How did you get out?'
'How long have you been sneaking out?'
'How did you figure out you could get out?' 
'What was your plan after getting out?'
'Do you sneak back in?'
Unfortunately he didn't answer me.
But fortunately, when I let him out on Thursday afternoon I watched him pull his magic.  Or least try to.  He pranced right to the corner, stuck his snout under the wiring and started to leave our yard.

This is the second time Floyd has pulled a Houndini act, you can see the first one here


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

He's such a stinker. Baxter was quite the ninja. I will never ever forget when our neighbor found him in the middle of the highway and scooped him up in his car and brought him home. I was beside myself.

Kayla MKOY said...

What a goofball!!! But such a cute one at that!!!! ;)

Bri said...

Houdini indeed! Bella is too chicken to try anything like that lol but we have a camera on her dog run so we know what's been "magically" happening to her shade awning when it falls down. Those sneaky pups.

The Southern Thing said...

Our dog did that once! They're always up to something haha!

Unknown said...

HAHAHA Crazy dog! I read my husband this post because he is so puppy hungry!

Kelley Gilster said...

Hahaha he cracks me up!! I'm sure he keeps life interesting :)