Total Basset Case: Aloha! Hawaii Part 4

Oct 24, 2014

Aloha! Hawaii Part 4

Now that we had hiked the side of a cliff, Diamondhead was next on our list.
Mister and I started bright and early to try and beat the heat Thursday morning.
It sure isn't a smooth path but the trail at Diamondhead is relatively paved, which is nice.
It's also windy, steep, hot and full of metal stairs.
But the views at the top are incredible and were totally worth it!  
After Diamondhead we headed to what turned out to be my favorite beach. (well besides Miss Judy's secret beach but that's another story.)
I present to you Hanauma Bay in all of it's beauty.
You can guarantee this one is being framed in our house.
We snorkled, we beached and we soaked up the beautifulness.
And to cap off an amazing day, we went to dinner at Dane and Kait's favorite Thai restaurant.
Let me tell you, it did not disappoint.
We are still drooling over the Pad Thai and drunken noodles.
And I don't hate BYOB either.
Happy bellies and happy hearts.


Sarah North said...

We snorkeled there too! So beautiful. Keep these posts coming, I love them!

Brooke Hamilton said...

Ooo I loved Hanauma Bay too. And it doesn't look too crowded either. Your swim suit top is too cute!

Pamela said...


The Southern Thing said...

Hawaii looks so gorgeous! I really need to visit one day!

The Lady Okie said...

These pictures are amazing. Gorgeous!

Katie said...

Oh my goodness, I just read through all the recaps thus far and everything is so incredibly beautiful!! How does the scenery/beauty compare to Australia (can you compare?)?

Chelsea E. said...

We have a photo I took at Hanauma bay on our gallery wall. Such a pretty place!