Total Basset Case: Urban Bourbon Half Marathon: The Good and The Bad

Oct 28, 2014

Urban Bourbon Half Marathon: The Good and The Bad

In order to get a fall half marathon in this year with our crazy schedule, I had to do a little research and knew it would probably require some traveling.
I happened to find one in Louisville (close to us!), on a Saturday (of a semi free weekend!),  before the depths of coldness of December (hooray!).  It was win win win all round.
Never mind we had just returned from vacation.
(Who needs sleep?)
Plus I talked my friend Libby into doing it as well...misery loves company, right?
Even though we had just been gone, I was excited for the race and felt fairly confident about it.
I had gotten my long runs in before our trip and was able to squeeze in some running in Hawaii between the mai tais.

I really, really, really wanted to PR this race.
That was my goal all along.
PR, don't stop (besides water) and kick booty.
Well between the hills, (stupid) sugar/stomach issues and some just all around blahness, that didn't happen.   And mentally I'm still not okay with it but with time I will be.
My time (2:02:30) was better than the Pig and for a hilly race my time was pretty decent (to me) BUT I wanted to do better.  I am really slightly hard on myself when it comes to running. 
But I keep reminding myself that I DID IT and I ran 13.1 stinkin' miles at lived to tell about it.
Not to mention this was my 5th half marathon.
Coming from a girl that used to DESPISE running, that is kind of cool- no matter what my time was.

The Good:
-beautiful course
-small race
-new city to run in
-great weather
-cool finisher medal
-solid playlist

The Bad:
-Winding hills
-Stomach issues
-Leg soreness
-Inconsistent pace
-Breathing issues

Plus I rewarded myself with new running pants from Target so that helps a little ;).  I guess that means I have to keep running! 


Rennay said...

I just started reading your blog but I'm so sad you were in my city and I didn't know it! You'll have to come back soon :)

Brittany said...

Way to go, girl! You're a champ, no matter what your time was. I'm still one of those people who despise running, so I definitely look up to you!

Kayla MKOY said...

I really think I need to just pull the trigger and sign up for the Pig half again, yikes! I'm nervous...but it's not exactly wedding season so I'd have NO excuse but to train! Go you!!! You're right, you finished! That's what matters. :)

Ashley said...

I would say you did a pretty dang good job!! I'm sure it is better and more fun with a friend, so I'm glad you had company!

Erin LFF said...

You are awesome girl! And you inspire me a lot since I definitely used to hate running and I'm just now at the point where I SOMETIMES enjoy it lol. You give me faith that I can grow to love it AND get better at it. I think you rock!!!

Kait said... ran a freaking half marathon! I would say finishing it without dying should be a PR for anyone.

Unknown said...

Congrats on the race and I'd say you had a good time. My very first half was the beginning of this month and I ran it in 2:48 minutes. I'm pretty slow and that's ok. I'm slowly getting faster. Next half is coming up in less than a month! EEK! (Sorry, my blogger account is no-reply. My email is PS I loved the hawaii posts!

Sarah Tucker said...

I'm amazed at you. I ran one and never again will I. You rock. And if you ever want to run one in Dallas...I'll be your cheerleader :)

Because of Jackie said...

You are amazing, don't beat yourself up! I think it is great you have goals and you accomplish them, and each time you push yourself you get better, and isn't that all that counts? Congrats, friend!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

Who comes back from vacation and immediately runs a half marathon?! Awesome job, lady! I ran the Seattle half marathon with stomach issues and it was AWFUL, so I feel for you! But still, congrats!!!

Shelley said...

congrats on that time girl! that is super impressive, but i totally get it. i'm super hard on myself during races too.

The Lady Okie said...

Good job squeezing in a race! Awesomeness. That's a great time, even if you didn't hit your goal.

Betty said...

You should still be very proud of yourself...way to go! Hills and stomach issues are rough on anyone...good for you for persevering through it.

Anne said...

I know it's a bummer to not quite do what you were hoping for and no fun to not feel great during it... but seriously, go you! You just did another stinkin' half marathon. That's awesome. Plus you are soooo official, being a destination runner, traveling to a different city for a race. Just pick a flat destination next time :)

p.s. share the playlist!