Total Basset Case: Aloha! Hawaii Part 5

Oct 29, 2014

Aloha! Hawaii Part 5

This may be long but it should be the end of the Hawaii recaps ;)
Unless you want to see step by step of our photo book creation process...

In our finals days we tried to cram in all the last little things on our list and eat up more deliciousness.
(see, Leonards, we had it twice and I will never regret it.) 

Friday morning we were up early and headed to Pearl Harbor.
We did not have tickets but had planned on just walking around the exhibits and forego touring the Arizona Memorial.  Well we got lucky and Kait was able to score tickets for a tour starting right after we got there! 
Though somber, the memorial and all of the exhibits there were very well done and I am very glad we had the chance to experience all of it. 

After Pearl Harbor we headed down to beautiful Waikiki.
I had no idea Waikiki had such great shopping and high end shops, really fun window shopping!
Not too mention, the beauty that was the beach! 

The next day Mister and I headed back to Waikiki and were able to check out the Royal Hawaiian hotel.
You may recognize it from an opening season of Mad Men, which is one reason we wanted to see it.
That and also because ENTIRE thing is bright pink. 
One day we will stay there...

We took our last day slowly and tried to soak up all the wonderfulness that the past week had been.
We delayed leaving as long as possible and tried to put Judy in our suitcase.
Before leaving we walked down to the ocean, made a wish and tossed our leis out to sea...
As the Hawaiians say
(thank you)
to Kait, Dane, Judy and all of Hawaii for showing us one of the best and most beautiful vacations we've ever had!


Brittany said...

I would love to go there someday! I've always wanted to visit Pearl Harbor. Is throwing your leis into the ocean a thing? If so, what a cool tradition!

Betty said...

Um, I love that you visited the hotel that was featured on Mad Men. :) So glad you had a great vacation!!

Kait said...

So here's the thing, now that you've finished all your recaps, it's time to come back! Judy agreed to take DAT DAWG to her beach, but he has to sit on the floor of her cart. She's weird like that. Sound good? Okay, see you soon! PS. NOW I WANT LEONARD'S!