Total Basset Case: Floral and Fit

Nov 21, 2014

Floral and Fit

Nothing motivates me more to hit the gym or the road than new workout gear.
After I recently discovered Onzie, that love increased ten fold.
I mean, they have workout pants with flamingos on them! Who doesn't love that?
Not to mention their gear is super soft, high quality and performs well.
That is an A+ in my book.
As soon as I these pretties arrived in my mailbox, I put them all on immediately and headed to bootcamp.  
Long leggings c/o Onzie, elastic tank top c/o Onzie, chic bra top c/o Onzie

News flash...I am a sucker for anything with a cute, open back.
I.e. the top criteria for my birthday dress.

Not only are those pants super fun, they preform well too.
I can NOT stand running/work out pants that slide down while wearing them and these certainly did not.
The sports bra is tight, snug and stayed in place too.
And the top.  Oh the top! So soft, breathable and easy to move in.  It is very flouncy, bouncy so I don't think I will wear it for running.  But for bootcamp, it is perfect!
If you want workout gear that is soft, breezy, easy to move in and well performing, I would say grab yourself some Onzie in a heartbeat.  I take my workout clothes seriously and will not mess around with pieces that don't perform well or cause me problems mid workout.  This is not the case with Onzie, I could not be more pleased with the quality.  

And with Christmas right around the corner, I would add some Onzie to your list for Santa.  Wink wink, boys.

Be sure to check them out on instagram @onzie and #onziegear


Pamela said...

oh how cute!

Anne said...

Cuuuute. I'm way into printed workout pants right now.

Shelley said...

love that how outfit. i love fun open back tops (and dresses) too. and holy arms in that picture.. need to know what your arm workout consists of asap!

The Lady Okie said...

I've never heard of this! That outfit looks cute on you HOWEVER Jordan would die if I put pants like that on and actually went outside. haha. Also, dang arm muscles!

Cassie said...

girl you are looking awesome!!

Erin LFF said...

That is THE best workout gear I've ever seen! Loving both the pants AND TOP! Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of them :)

Michelle (michabella) said...

Um, hello beautiful traps and biceps! I am way too nervous to wear anything 'loud' but you rock them well!

Sarah Tucker said...

Oh my gosh I'm in love with those pants!!

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

ahh i am loving those pants!