Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : Food and Friends

Nov 25, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up : Food and Friends

Once again we had a jam packed to the max weekend.

Friday night we had a big ol group of friends over for dinner.
Katie and Derek, Anne and Peter and our friend Emily joined us for apps, best chili ever and apple pie!
 It was a great night with friends, food and wine.
Floyd even got in on the action...we were telling everyone goodbye and turned around he was two paws up on the table sneaking a bite of pie.  I won't lie, I really wished I could have gotten a picture.

Saturday I ran for the first time in forever and busted about 7.5 miles.
It felt great to get back out there and run.  The roads were crazy slick but that just made it more interesting.
After a hair appointment, Mister told me he had a surprise for me and took to me this amazing shop called Rose and Remington in a nearby town.  Think a more well priced Anthropologie.  I was IN LOVE.  I picked up a few Christmas gifts for friends and drooled over everything else.  We ended up talking with one of the owners and he helped me put together a wish list to send to Mister...genius marketing on their part.  And a great find on Misters.
That night we had a delicious dinner party with another group of friends.

Sunday morning Bethany and I were able to grab lunch and catch up on life.
Jacket is from here and I am obsessed

My house is a disaster and we have laundry to the moon and back but we had a fun filled weekend with friends!


Anne said...

Friday night was such a fun start to a great weekend for us...sounds like it was for you too! Definitely want to check out this store you speak of. And yay for getting a good run in.

p.s. I was going to ask if you've posted that chili recipe, so thanks for linking - definitely going to be making that. Also, handy to have a photo of that wine label as now I'll remember that cabernet sauvignon, which was quite nice :)

Bri said...

Love those wines!!! I've never seen them before..I think I'm going to have to keep a look out on our coast for them :)

Jen said...

This shop looks so cute. I keep telling Rick we need to make a road trip down to Cincinnati. May need to add this to the list of places to go :)

Betty said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Food and friends are the best!

Ashley said...

Yeah...I'm obsessed with that jacket as well!

I need to have a "friendsgiving" one year. So glad you had a wonderful time.

Your running story made me remember something hilarious on the news a few years ago. It was especially slick in downtown Raleigh, so they were out on the street interviewing people and showing everyone the roads. Some runners came by and were talking about how they were enjoying it, etc....they said goodbye and were filming them running off, and the lady totallyyyy busted. I'll never forget that!

Katie said...

I'm so late to this post, but we had a fantastic time as well! So much fun to be surrounded with great friends and great food!