Total Basset Case: Gobble Gobble

Dec 1, 2014

Gobble Gobble

Going back to the regular grind of Monday to Friday work is extremely hard after a nice holiday break.
We had a really great Thanksgiving at home and I am not particularly fond of seeing my desk today.

Wednesday Floyd and I packed up to and headed home to see Gma to surprise her.  She thought the three of us were coming that afternoon after Mister got off work but oh no no.  Floyd and I pulled a fast one on her and showed up early.  She was thrilled and so was I because I LOVE surprises.
We spent the day baking and cooking our hearts our for Thanksgiving.

Thursday I woke up and ran my own turkey trot of 5.5 miles to burn a few calories before feasting.
We spent the day with Mister's family and ate all sorts of deliciousness.

Friday was all about shopping.  My mom and I are not ones to miss out on Black Friday deals and this year was no different.  We logged a successful 11 hours of shopping.  Mom saved a record amount of money at Kohls and we also hit up deals at Old Navy, Target and Bath and Body Works.  We left no deal unturned.
I even came home and did some more online shopping.  #oops

Saturday we hit up our adorable downtown shops for Small Business Saturday.  
I've always worked for (and loved!) small business so the Saturday after Thanksgiving is always one of my favorite days of the year.  I LOVE supporting small businesses and we made sure to do our part.
That afternoon was dedicated to all things deco mesh.  We made adorable wreaths and bows for the mailboxes.  I am now wondering why I haven't deco meshed more in life.  
After crafting hour we set to work and wrapped up all of our deals.  Nothing gets me in the Christmas spirit more than wrapping.  I love all the options of paper and bows and just letting my creativity flow.
Floyd was SUPER helpful.  So helpful he chunky pawed a few things I had to rewrap.

Sunday we packed up and headed back home.  I managed to squeeze a run in because it was 68* outside and I just could not pass that up.  Floyd and I put our outside decorations out and whipped up this delicious dish for dinner.  

Floyd then put himself to bed at a ungodly early hour because after a holiday weekend, he just can NOT EVEN.

Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving and happy Cyber Monday! Hope you get some good deals! I know I am planning on a doing a bit more damage...


Bri said...

11 hours of shopping?!? Dang girl! And you always got to love helpful paws ;)

Because of Jackie said...

What a great, holiday themed weekend! Love that wreath, and I'm jealous about your Turkey Trot. Next year! (Maybe…..;)

Brittany said...

Love your wreath! How cute! I wish I was crafty enough to make that. Wasn't the weather amazing on Sunday? Loved it.

Sarah Tucker said...

You're a shopping God! 11 hours! And that wreath...why have I not dipped into this DIY pond?!

Anne said...

Your weekend sounds great! That is the best surprise ever for a mom (I know mine would say so), and you can't beat deal shopping and holiday crafting with the mama too. I must say I was kind of annoyed when I remembered it was Black Friday though... I had the nanny like a regular day and thought I'd quick stop at Target for a few things when I was done with work. Never mind! Did PLENTY of online shopping though :)