Total Basset Case: How to: Make a Dog Chef Costume

Nov 5, 2014

How to: Make a Dog Chef Costume

First of all, Floyd says lots of thank yous for all of your kind words on his costume.
He is patiently waiting for next year when his mother will torture him with a costume again. 
After some googling (and insight from my mama), I decided upon the components I needed for Floyd's costume.
I was going to cut a t-shirt Floyd has from his Halloween of being a personal trainer that I was going into a chefs jacket.  Then my mom suggested a kids apron from Amazon and it was perfect! The 
length was just right!  And for $6, the price was right!
There's a chance I might start putting it on him every night while I cook.

The scarf was some extra fabric I had around, cut into a triangle.

And the hat, the hat, was my favorite part.

For the hat you will need:
card stock
tissue paper
1.  Start by cutting your card stock about 2" wide.
2.  Measure your dogs head and tape the card stock so it is a ring shape.
3.  Cut a circle in the tissue paper and start taping it to the inside of the card stock ring.
4.  Keep gathering and taping the tissue around the perimeter until it is poufy.
5.  Tape the ribbon on the inside of the hat and tie under your dogs neck.

Dinner is served!


Katie said...

seriously, THAT HAT! Hahaha, how could you not laugh every time you looked him. Love the costume!

Because of Jackie said...

This is so cute! Something tells me you will be one of THOSE mama's that make their kids costumes from scratch…..;)

Ashley said...

Easy and adorable! Cutest chef around!

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