Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : A week at Gmas

Nov 7, 2014

Fridays with Floyd : A week at Gmas

The number 2 question we got after we returned back from Hawaii was, 'where was Floyd?'
Floyd was VERY well taken care of and our #1 priority before even taking our trip.
Floyd had the honor of staying at his Gmas house while we were gone and he was happy as a clam.  
They even wrote a blog post about it they had so much fun!

Floyd here, I guess you have all seen the pictures of my Mama and Papa in Hawaii. Did you see me in any of those pictures?  
Woof Woof! NO! There was NO way I was getting on an airoplane and travel across the country. I would have to change planes and fly over the ocean! Have you seen how short my legs are? I can’t swim that far! Did you guys know there are sharks in that ocean? Judy, my dog friend in Hawaii, told me all about them. She does not go out in the ocean past her paws, because her dog friends have told her all about sharks. I don’t have a dog passport and I am sure there would be some sort of special shots or medicine I would have had to take “YUK”. So, I called my Gma and booked my dogcation (dog vacation) with her. Thank goodness for Gma!
Over the river and through the woods to Gma’s house I go! Gma and Sophie were on fall break from her school, so we got to spend lots of fun time together. I luvvv to go to Gma’s she has lots of dog treats. She even lets me chew on a special bone bought just for me. My Poppa called my Grandpa Thomas to take me on long walks on my golf course. The smells on my golf course are out of this world! After one of my walks I went back to Gma’s and took a nap in the sun laying straight up on my back. 
Gma said I looked funny, but hey I was catching some Zzzzzz’s. 
I have a new trick that I do at Gma’s house as soon as she gets up out of her chair I snarf her spot. 
I love her chair. Sometimes you find food by Gma’s chair and I help her eat it! Gma lets me sit in her lap when I am missing my Mama and Papa. She rocks and pets me and tells me they will be back soon. A couple of nights I woke Gma up around 3:00 am (FLOYD THOMAS!!). I had to go potty really bad. Gma said that she wished I would not get her up so early! Gma is a little grumpy at that hour, but a real sport and took me out let out to take care of business! 
I really missed getting to see my new dog friend Judy. 
She lives with my Aunt Kait (one of da best aunt in the world.  I really rike aunt Casey too, she tells me how perfect I am) and Uncle Dane who live in Hawaii. I will just keep dreaming of the day that Judy and I get to go to the dog park and play.

And it's a wonder Floyd even wants to come back and live with us....


Kait said...

I just love this! Judy Hanson is waving one giant paw in Floyd's direction!!!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

That first pic is precious. Floyd looks just like the Hush Puppy dog. He needs to be their next mascot!

Kayla MKOY said...

I seriously love his chunky paws hah! So darn cute.

Erin LFF said...

Haha- I love it ;) Spoiled rotten, that Floyd!!!

Sarah Tucker said...

Floyd could be my best friend! Still eyeing your Hawaii pictures as I dream about vacation spots :)