Total Basset Case: Merry Monday

Dec 29, 2014

Merry Monday

My tree is still up and I am still in the Christmas spirit.
So Merry Monday it is.
Until Wednesday when it's birthday time around these parts!

But first, our Christmas...was great!
We had a fabulous time with family and friends and even got some relaxation time in too.
We spent part of our time off in Tennessee and managed to start and finish all of Serial there and back.
We are now so, so obsessed and cannot stop thinking about it.  Have you listened?  What are your theories??

Floyd was all about the Christmas spirit last week and since then has been resting.  Seriously, while Mister and I were exchanging gifts he put himself BACK to bed.  
And he has been napping every chance he can since then. 
Mister, my mama and everyone spoiled me rotten this year.
Funnily enough, my mom and I each gave each other Kindle, of course. 
Mister gave me a Garmin watch to run with that I am so excited to test out! And also some super adorable shoes that I am excited to wear when I do not have my running shoes on.
Christmas morning I was making coffee and turned around and Floyd was sitting by the gifts oh so cute.  His gma gave him a fabulous new, fluffy, comfy bed that he is VERY excited about!

And after three Christmases, early birthday celebrations, four states and quite a few days of travel...coming home was a bit tight in the car.  Mr. Floyd was NOT happy.  Thankfully it was not too terribly long in the car and Floyd still had one whole seat with a fleece bed in it to himself. 
And that was our Christmas.  I swear Mister and I participated but we were having SO much fun that we did not manage to get ONE single picture together.  Plus Floyd is cuter.
Hope everyone had a FABULOUS Christmas holiday!! 

Two more days until 30 over here....eeeeeek. 


Kayla MKOY said...

Goodness that pup is just the cutest!!!!! And AH your birthday is so soon! Yay!!

According to Jax said...

That 3rd picture of Floyd is hilarious and adorable!!! :)

Erin LFF said...

Agreeing w/ Jax- that third Floyd photo is amazing. Possibly my favorite ever!! YAY for a garmin watch, I got one too and cannot wait to use it! :)

Because of Jackie said...

Oh, a Kindle Fire! I got one last year and I adore it, I use it every single day;) Lucky YOU!

Bri said...

Floyd is just so darn cute I can't get over it! What a great way to celebrate and our fluffy one was just as excited about her presents too..she was nose deep in her stocking haha

The Lady Okie said...

Floyd cracks me up! Glad you guys had a good Christmas. Jordan and I only got one picture together the whole weekend! Too much fun to take pictures :)

Allison said...

I just started listening to Serial over break. I'm only a few episodes in, but I LOVE it!!!!! Can't wait to listen to more.

Brittany said...

I will never complain about an overload of Floyd pictures. He really is the best. Also, Serial. I couldn't stop. It was embarrassing how quickly I finished it and I keep asking everyone what they think about it, even if they haven't listened to it. Oops. By the way, I totally think Adnan did it, but that really upsets me...because he sounds so normal. I also think Jay was way more involved than he lets on. Ugh. I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Anne said...

Sounds like a great Christmas (but almost birthday time, eee!) Yay Kindles and Garmins - I looove mine both. Only one more episode of Serial left for me - who needs Netflix binge watching when you've got that?! And at least your unhappy rider doesn't cry really loudly (I assume)... I'm done with road trips for a long time.