Total Basset Case: 2105 Goals List

Jan 9, 2015

2105 Goals List

As I promised earlier this week, I am back today with our 2015 resolution list.
(can you tell I love my new chalkboard wine glasses from the neighbors?  I think they may be the blogging accessory of 2015.  And wine, obviously I love wine.)

I've said it before and I still stand by it, I LOVE this yearly list.  I LOVE crossing things off of it and I LOVE that Mister and I work towards these goals together.  I think it makes our home, our family and our relationship better...year after year.  We have a few leftover from last year but for the most part, these are all new goals! 

1.  Master bathroom updates : We still need to get Mister a new countertop, sink and faucet.  But thankfully the vanity is done.
2.  Push pin map wall : still needs to be done...
3.  Mister's leg : His hip and knee still are not up to par
4.  Paint nails more :  This one goes along with the rest and relax more.  I NEVER paint my nails because I can't sit still that long so this is a big one for me.
5.  Read 15 books :  This also goes along with resting, relaxing and putting the computer and phone down more.  Plus I really, really love my new Kindle Fire and want to read it all the time.  Well, when I'm not playing TwoDots
6.  New toilets :  This is super adult of us and super boring but I would really love to get new toilets in our house. #boring
7.  New dining room and kitchen pendants : We are very ready for some new lights in our dining area and kitchen.  
8.  New dining table and chairs : To go along with those new lights, we would love to get a new dining table and chairs.  Our current set was free.99 so it is hard to justify new ones BUT we really are not fans of what we have.  If the right ones come along we may just snatch them up!
9.  Raised vegetable garden :  Last spring/summer we had a small vegetable garden on the porch and loved it!  We would love to build a small raised garden in the backyard and try to grow even more veggies and herbs. 
10.  Photo album of trips :  This is very 1994 of me, but I've printed off all of the photos from our recent trips and I want to have a photo album of them.  
11.  Paint kitchen accent wall : I've had an orange swatch of paint on the wall for months and I need to just break down and paint it already. 
12.  Master 50mm lens :  The 50mm lens for our DSLR always seems to get the best of me (although these shots are from it!) and I really want to master using it because I love the photos it takes. 
13.  Run ___ miles :  It is killing me to leave this blank but my IT band is inflamed at the moment so I am taking a self imposed, few week break from running which screws up my yearly goal.  I am really trying NOT to stress about it (Anne has some great tips!) but honestly I am.  Ideally, it will be no less than 600 but time will tell. 
14.  Master bedroom trim :  Boring but we are missing a piece of crown trim in our master that needs added back on
15.  Floyd's allergies : Floyd's allergies are really out of whack and we are trying to figure out the cause and how to remedy them/him.  He is SO itchy and I feel so bad for him.  I'll keep you updated!
16.  Foster a basset hound :  This is a big one and it has been on my heart a lot but we really want to fill out the forms to possibly foster a basset hound.  We are big fans of the local basset rescue and would love to help them out.  Plus who doesn't want multiple bassets in one house?  
17.  Donate to Ohio Basset Rescue : Speaking of the local basset rescue, I want to make some blankets to send to the doggies there.  Floyd sent them some leashes and collars for Christmas and we would love to keep up periodically sending them small things.  
18.  10,000 push ups :  I started a 10,000 push up challenge with my bootcamp class in the beginning of December that goes on until March.  100 push ups a day for 100 days.  Currently I've done 3,700!

Phew! That seems like a lot but we are excited! 


Courtney said...

I love your house goals! I feel like it's so important to prioritize home to-dos, otherwise they get lost and time slips away and a room still isn't painted or the dishwasher remains broken.

According to Jax said...

The 50mm is the lens I have on my camera 90% of the time! It's my favorite and can definitely take some wonderful photos!! :)

Unknown said...

I will not be trying the 10,000 push ups anytime soon, but I am all in on the raised garden idea! I have pondered one of thee for a while, also.

Ashley said...

I really want to do a photo album as well.

These are really great goals. I like the one about painting your fingernails more often...something to help you slow down and relax...perfect!

Betty said...

I LOVE the idea of you fostering a basset! I'm sure Floyd would be a great instructor of all things basset.

Nicole M. Hutchison said...

Love your list, I've been creating one since 2010 and it really helps me stay on track, focused, and accountable. Perhaps I could convince Husband to foster a Basset. Hmmm, I want one so bad I'm afraid I wouldn't want to give it back up. HA!!!!!

Shelley said...

100 push ups a day..what?! you go girl! a push pin map has been on my to-do list for a while now too.

and i hope your IT band issues go away quickly. i had issues a couple years ago and it was so discouraging, but i found that time off and consistent foam rolling really helped.

Anonymous said...

Great list! I really need to get my goals written down. I'm amazed at how fast this year is already going by!

p.s. I suck at push-ups so I'm pretty much in awe of your goal to do 10,000!

Lux G. said...

Resolutions are great motivators. I hope you get all these things done before the year ends.

Happy 2015! Enjoy this year's adventure and surprises!

Anne said...

I love that it's a together list too - that's such a good idea for a relationship I think. Can't wait to see the house updates you do, and the veggie garden sounds like it will be so fun!

Hang in there on the IT band... hope those tips are helping you find a happy place in the meantime (though I know full well how terribly unfun it is) - the 10,000 push up challenge is an amazing goal to be working on in the meantime! I can do about 10 max in one go, so something for me to work on big time.

Kait said...

And come back to Hawaii..

katelyn w said...

Poor Floyd! Sophie used to have terrible allergies, especially constant redness/itchiness in between her paws and in her "armpits". We switched her food to solid gold wolf king which is bison and sweet potato based and it has made a wold of difference. She still gets itchy if she encounters external allergens but thats when we are stupid and let her run through a soy bean field, etc. It might be worth a shot. Its expensive but she eats WAY less, and doesn't have that grumbly stomach noise that our vet said was nothing to worry about. Good Luck!

Holly said...

Love the idea of creating a 2015 to-do list! Shawn and I have so many house projects we want to do. I do feel very grown-up when we make plans for the house. Poor Floyd! Our dog Kilah has been suffering from some weird allergy that makes her ears itchy and flaky. We've tried several things from the vet but just haven't found a permanent solution. The next thing they recommend is a biopsy. Poor puppy. Hopefully we can get our fur babies feeling better! Good luck with your house projects!

Jane-In-Maine said...

Have you tried Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet dog food? It saved my Minnie Pearl's life! A friend whose dog was allergic and dying told me about it and I can't believe what a difference it has made. Min is partial to venison + sweet potato :-) Good luck!