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Apr 8, 2015

On the counter {Product Reviews}

I've picked up a few beauty and hair products lately that I feel I need to tell you guys about.
Mainly because they are all rocking my world.
Most of these I've found on my own during random trips to Ulta and Target.
But I must admit that I have been obsessed with watching make up and beauty YouTube videos lately.
Such great resources and make up tips.

First up...face
First of all, you may notice a few teeth marks on this bottle.  Floyd wanted to wash his whiskers.
Moving on, this face wash is very light, smells great and really foams up.  Which convinces me it is really working.  Who knows if that's true or not.  I really like that this wash is light and doesn't feel too heavy on my face.  I don't know how much it is really 'brightening' my face but I can notice a slight difference. 

to go along with the face wash I picked up Boots Age Defense Protecting Day and Night Cream
Now that I'm 30, I figured it was time I should start using age defense treatments.  Anything I can do to lessen the wrinkles, I am on board.  I was also really drawn to these because of the SPF 15 in them.
Both of these are super light and fluffy, almost a whipped texture.  The nighttime one smells like oranges and I love it.
I have always been a fan of Boots products and these are no exception!

I first saw this over at Camp Patton and ordered it immediately. 
The description mentions a pulsating formula and I read that to mean it would pull the junk out of my face.  I was right in that assumption.  This stuff WORKS.
I've done the mask a few times and I am going to say it is a miracle worker.  {Knock on wood} since I've done the mask I have had virtually no breakouts.  I am usually cursed with a bad one every few weeks and after this, nothing! 
I will warn you that is is messy and will get all over your hands.  I HATE for my hands to be dirty and icky but this stuff is worth it.  
I've also heard you can mix just a tad up with water and put on a blemish to spot treat.

GUYS.  I cannot put into words my love for this stuff.
I randomly picked it up at Ulta a few weekends ago when I was looking for a texturizer.  
At $4.99 I was skeptical to how good this spray could be but after one use I was a believer. 
If you want volume and lift this is your spray.  
The description is spot it, it really does create lift...who doesn't want that?
I literally cannot say enough good things about it. 
I use a little bit at my roots at different layers and it is volume to the sky.  It works almost better than teasing...and better than tearing up your hair.  I think it also really helps with the beachy waves look.
Thank you to everyone who complimented my hair earlier this week! I owe that all to this stuff and my curling wand.  

And that is what I've been using lately.  I have a few make up products I want to share with you guys as well...I will have that up soon.
Any other products I should be trying?


Sarah Tucker said...

I want to try all of this! that clay sounds great!

Anne said...

Ooh thanks for the YouTube suggestions - I should really spend some time on those as I'm still so hair/makeup stupid. And I'm almost 31! Geez.

The Boots stuff sounds interesting - I do NOTHING for my face and probably should start.

Kait said...

Better than teasing? Count me in! I NEED it. I'm also of the belief that if it doesn't foam, it doesn't work. But I've been using Dermalogica for almost a year now and by golly, it works! My breakouts have been fewer (still existent, but fewer) and I'm so pleased!

Katie said...

Just ordered the clay product...cannot wait to try it!

Brittney said...

The healing clay has been mentioned all over Allure and Refinery 29, and I'm so glad that it worked for you! I don't like the prospect of getting it all over my hands either, but if it's really that effective...

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