Total Basset Case: Happy Birthday Floyd!

Apr 10, 2015

Happy Birthday Floyd!

The four legged love of our life turns 6 today!
Happy Birthday, Floyd!
I know I say it every year but I cannot believe he is another year all.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, let's look at some puppy
The day we picked him still my heart.
Also note, the day he knew he had us wrapped around his chunky paws.
There's literally nothing better than puppy belly.
It is so funny to Mister and I to look through these photos because even though he's bigger...Floyd has not changed too much.  He still sits the same, tilts his head the same way and looks at us in the same manner.
He still sits in those EXACT same positions.
Funnily enough, over the years, his ears have changed from black to brown and he definitely has more spots but he is still THE cutest boy in the world.
We LOOOVE you Floyd, to the moon and back!
All of your quirks, your silly, funny personality.  Your stubbornness and determination.  Your love, sweet, sweet demeanor and your love to snuggle (on your own terms).

We have a big night planned for you, Bubba...get ready!


Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

Holy cuteness! I LOVE puppy pictures, but his puppy pictures are amazing!! :) Happy birthday to Floyd!

Kaliwood said...

OMG... baby Floyd may just be the cutest thing I have ever seen!!

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Baby Floyd photos! He is so cute. Alexa wants a basset puppy desperately but I still remember vividly 14 years later what havoc Jake wreaked on our house. I told her that she will have to wait until she is a grownup and can have all the puppies she wants. Happy Birthday Floydster!

Bri said...

Oh my goodness!!! Those baby pictures!! Could he be any more adorable?! Happy Birthday Floyd!

Brittany said...

Good thing I'm reading this at home because I just screamed at those puppy pictures. SO CUTE! Happy Birthday, Floyd!

Kait said...

Ohh my sweet Big Sexy! I cannot believe you are six!! I can't wait until we move back so I can force you to snuggle with me, smush your face, bark back at you and give you chicken nuggets til your heart is content. Love you little buddy!

Anne said...

Oh my gosh, I still can't get over those baby Floyd photos. And his hat! Happy birthday, Floyd!

k8te said...

baby floyd!! happy birthday to him! :)

Domesticable said...

Puppy Floyd. Oh MY GOSH!! Happy Birthday Bud!

Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

So dang cute! Happy birthday, Floyd!

Jen said...

Oh my goodness, you are making me want to get another puppy. And we def don't need any more pups. But he is such a cutie and I hope he had a great birthday!!