Total Basset Case: Clean Slate {A Review}

May 6, 2015

Clean Slate {A Review}

I've said it before, I really love a good cookbook.
And it if is over the top beautiful it is even better. 
Clean Slate fits the bill for that.
I am talking, one of the most beautiful cookbooks I've ever laid my hands on.
Plus it is by the editors from Martha Stewart Living so you know it has to be good!

Clean Slate is broken up into helpful sections to hit the restart button on your diet and what is entering your body.  The sections include recipes to: replenish, reboot, recharge, reenergize, restore and relax.  The system they have set up in the book is very in depth and looks like it would be a fabulous plan to follow if you were in need of a reboot.  
We have been picking and choosing various recipes to try out and incorporate into our plans.
The smoothies all look amazingly delicious and we will be trying one of those soon.

One of my favorite recipes from the book that I've tried was the
Roasted Edamame and Cranberries.
It took literally no time at all and has been the perfect afternoon snack.
I am not sure why I haven't roasted edamame before now but I am definitely going to be doing it more often.  
I think this mix would also be delicious with almonds mixed in.
Basically anything salty and sweet is a okay with me.  

I will say, some of the recipes are a bit over my head or weeknight time constraints.  However, I don't doubt their deliciousness and they are on our radar for weekend cooking and special occasions. 

I was given this book by Blogging for Books but all opinions are my own. 


Kayla MKOY said...

I love when cookbooks are both practical AND beautiful to look at!!!! :) this sounds like a win win!

Jen said...

Oh I hadn't seen this recipe, but I bet it would be a great afternoon snack when you want something salty and sweet. I'll have to try this.

Unknown said...

Thank you for the cookbook recommendation. You know how I LOVE my cookbooks! 😊

Erin LFF said...

Ohhh, I just love a good cookbook too! Sounds like a unique one- I might have to check it out :)

Anne said...

Ooh I feel like this book would be perfect for me right now! Always love the cookbooks that the Martha Stewart editors put out, and help with sticking to my eating reboot is always welcome of course. This recipe you tried looks great!

The Lady Okie said...

I've never bought edamame before! I might have to try that.

Kait said...

Ohh might need to pick this one up!