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May 11, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up : Mamas

Happy belated Mother's Day to all the mamas (and dogs mamas!) out there!
We had a fabulous weekend celebrating ours around these parts.

We hosted a Mother's Day Luncheon on Saturday and our weekend was geared towards honoring them all weekend long!

Friday night my mama came up to help me get ready for the luncheon.
I love having help in the kitchen and if it's my mama, it's even better.

Saturday I squeezed in a quick bootcamp and then it was prep time for the luncheon.
We whipped up all sorts of goodies and had a full spread.
I wasn't able to taste any (stupid no sugar) but there were rave reviews on the Chocolate Mousse Pie and the Apple Fritter Cake
We had a fabulous day spending time with our families and eating yummy food!
Fun tidbit : Trader Joe's gave my mom these flowers for free because it was her first time there!
Sunday my mama and I shopped until we dropped and found some goodies.
(Loving this tank we picked up!  And this one that Mister gave me for Mother's Day)

Mister and I rounded out the day planting the knock out rose and mint his mom brought us!
I will say it again...if our yard could be all flowers, veggie and herbs we would be really happy!


Allison said...

What a sweet day! I've made an apple fritter cake with a very similar recipe and I need to make it again. Yum! And Trader Joes is the best!!

Kait said...

Love all those photos!!