Total Basset Case: D Town

May 22, 2015

D Town

As I mentioned yesterday, we jetted to Dallas recently thanks to some super cheaper Frontier flights.
We had a fabulous time and due to a cancelled flight and an extra day there, we contemplated just moving in with our friend Whitney.  I think Floyd would enjoy the warm weather and hanging with her great dane, Jax.  
As per usual with our trips we were pretty nonstop.  However, this trip did not include any celebrity run ins...

Thursday we landed in Dallas and hit the ground running to The Rustic.
Such a cool space and great live music.

Friday our day began with brisket and pork ribs.
You know, how every day should begin.
We hit up Pecan Lodge and began our wait for what we heard was amazing food.  Pecan Lodge makes a certain amount of food every day and when it's out it's out.  It seems like everyone in Dallas knows this.  A line starts to form before they open their doors and continues out the door until they run out.  Thankfully we made the cut.
I splurged on a few bites of that mac and cheese and it was totally worth it.
After lunch we dodged the rain and checked out the Perot Museum.
For dinner we hit up Mi Cocina and it was just as good as I had heard.  I could drink their sangria every day.
Having a terrible time ;)

We ended the night at a club/bar that I am pretty sure I am not cool enough for but it sure was fun!

Saturday morning was really, really exciting and a day I was looking forward to as a fabulous bonus to our trip.
Mister and I met up with Sarah and her husband for brunch!
I've said it before but I really love connecting with blog friends in the real world. 
Sarah and her husband were SO sweet and we were SO glad we were able to spend a few hours with them.  Now they just need to make it up to see us! 

The rest of Saturday was full of shopping (finally made it to Milk and Honey), pool lounging, great dane petting and bbqing.
So basically my ideal day from start to finish.
Sunday Whitney and I went to Drybar before brunch.  It was my first time I had the pleasure of having a blowout and now I want one everyday.  Plus I am obsessed with the way Drybar products smell.
We then hit up brunch full with a 'sparkle bar' aka mimosa bar.  But I like sparkle better.
So glad Whitney's friends have become our friends 

We then ventured to Top Golf.  I am, in no way, a golfer (I will spare you the video of my swing) but Top Golf was really, really fun!  I managed to hit a couple good hits.  Rumor is we are getting one here, I will have to work on my swing!

Monday we shopped around...I found a Lorna Jane (my favorite work out gear from Australia!) and we walked for a few hours on the Katy Trail.
And to reward ourselves for our exercise, we had Velvet Taco for lunch.
Yum to the holy yum.  As in tater tots with sauce and a fried egg on top...
We were scheduled to leave Monday night but I will spare you the details of a cancelled flight and 6+ hours on the phone with Frontier.  Thankfully it meant one more evening with my bestie to drink wine and watch The Bachelorette.

Tuesday was more of the same with extra doses of Jax snuggling.
Don't tell Floyd but I really want a great dane prancing around our house now.

All in all we had a such a great visit and it was the perfect mini vacay.  Sometimes time away and girl talk is just what the doctor ordered.

And if you are wondering, Floyd stayed with the neighbors and they claim he behaved himself ;)


Because of Jackie said...

This sounds like a great weekend! I have always wanted to go to Drybar, and all that food looks AWESOME!

Erin LFF said...

What an amazing trip!!! :) I also heard that rumor about us getting a TopGolf- blogger meet-up!!! ;)

Kayla MKOY said...

Ummmm tater tots and an egg?! yes please!!!! Haha! This looks like one heck of a trip! :) glad you guys packed it with so much fun!

Shelley said...

first of all, LOVE your shake it off tee! second, sounds like such a fun trip, minus the flight issues. and the food looks so delish. i really need to get my butt over to dallas!

Anne said...

Um, yum!!! I must admit I'm kind of biased against traveling to Texas (Midwest girl through and through, here), but I want to do this trip now! Besides the food, I love a good museum and other fun stuff like that... also your hair! So jealous of this Drybar fun.

Bri said...

How fun!! D Town is totally on my list to visit. Sarah and Chris are the best! But I'm kinda jealous I wasn't there to have brunch with you ladies too ;)

Kait said...

Oh I have always wanted to try top golf! You KNOW Floyd was pissed...

Sarah Tucker said...

You packed in so much! The Rustic and Velvet Taco are two places I was hoping you'd go!! Now, it is time for us to come to Cincy!

The Lady Okie said...

I've never heard of this Pecan Lodge place! Sounds like I need to make a trip next time I'm in Texas!

Brittany said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend getaway! Frontier is so cheap, but they are the WORST with canceled flights and delays. I've had night-long layovers every time I fly with them! My future in-laws live in Dallas and I haven't been yet, so I'll save this post for some good suggestions! ...those tater tots...