Total Basset Case: June Meal Plan

May 27, 2015

June Meal Plan

Come summertime I am all about ease, quickness and yumminess in the kitchen.
I would much rather spend my evenings running, playing in the garden and walking Floyd than slaving over the stove.  Don't get me wrong, I love to cook but I love being outside in the summer a tad more.
With obvious reasons, during the summertime we turn to the grill more often or not.  It is not rare for us to throw all meal plans to the wind and throw whatever we can find onto the grill for dinner.
I also usually leave our weekends free of plans because we do often grill or do something with friends.  If friends reach out and ask us to go to Mexican on a Saturday night, we are there before they can pour the salsa. 

And if you are new to our meal plan game, generally I cook/plan enough to have the meals for two nights.  It cuts down on cooking and cost.  If all else fails, we add a fried egg or rice/quinoa/lentils to make it go further. 

Week 1
Wednesday Turkey Burgers with Zucchini (no bun)
Thursday Leftovers over eggs

Week 2
Monday Zucchini Noodles with Cilantro Lime Chicken (so quick and good!)
Tuesday Thai Pizza (gluten free crust, homemade peanut sauce)
Wednesday Leftovers

Week 3
Tuesday Leftovers
Wednesday Lemon Basil Chicken over Zucchini Noodles
Friday Leftovers over rice

Week 4
Tuesday Leftovers
Wednesday Carrot Enchilada Bake (no cheese) + Ground Turkey
Thursday Leftovers + eggs
Friday Thai Drunken Noodles + Chicken (from a cookbook I am reviewing soon)

Week 5
Tuesday Garlic Chicken + Purple Potatoes + Corn
Wednesday Leftovers

Summertime sides we love:
Fresh corn on the cob
Grilled romaine
Grilled pineapple
Fresh green beans
Grilled veggies
Oven roasted cherry tomatoes

Let me know if you have any questions! (or recommendations!)


The Lady Okie said...

Woo! I spy something familiar :) I love hat you're adding meat to it. Jordan's always all " if there's no meat, it's not a real meal!" Ha! These recipes sound good! I'll have too add a few of these to our June plan. Hello, summer!

Kait said...

Oh my gosh! All of this looks so stinking good! I love all the Thai dishes :)

Kayla MKOY said...

YUM! I am bookmarking this!!!! This looks amazing.

Head to Toe Chic said...

These sound so good! Especially the sweet potato burrito bowl!


Jen said...

Love when you post your meal plans! I've been looking for some new recipes to try and I can't wait to try the sweet potato and the zoodle recipes :)

Laura Darling said...

You are so organized! My June goal is to plan for a week at a time but this gives me something to strive for! And these recipes look delicious!

Sarah Tucker said...

Blueberry Sweet Potato Waffles? Ummm, yes please!

I now just need you to move to Dallas and cook these yummy meals so I can try them :) Okay, thanks!

Anne said...

Generally I plan meals week-by-week, but pretty much I only plan Monday-Thursday too. Weekends are for fun :) Definitely going to have to try out a few of these, like that sriracha shrimp. Peter will be on board with anything with sriracha in the name. Same for me and sweet potatoes... I think I need a waffle iron now simply so I can try these!

Anonymous said...

I'm impressed you plan an entire month! I can only do a week at a time or I get distracted, haha