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Jun 10, 2015


I am going to go ahead and get this one out there.
We are one of those dorky couples that celebrates silly anniversaries.
Though I am sure you could guess this given the fun we have celebrating our wedding anniversary with traditional gifts. 

But really it's only 3. 
That's a reasonable amount, right?
They are all totally valid ones at least.
Wedding, first kiss and first 'I love yous'.  
All significant moments in a relationship if you ask me.

I love all of our relationship celebration dates a lot but I do have a special place in my heart for June 10th. 

15 1/2 years ago Mister and I were sitting on the sofa and had just finished watching Tin Cup.
He turned to me and said some really sweet words, words that I have always truly treasured.  Those words are between us but I can promise they made my heart melt.  And I just knew he would continue to make me swoon for years to come.  When you know, you know :)
(ironically this photo was taken at Top Golf...we like to keep the Tin Cup/golf story going strong)

All these years later he still melts my heart and I couldn't imagine it any other way ;)

And mushy post...out!


Flannery said...

So sweet! My husband and I have been together for 10 years (and married for almost 3). I believe in celebrating all of our little milestones and anniversaries. :)

Just curious-- how could June 10 be 15.5 years ago? My brain can't wrap around the half year since today is 6/10.

The Lady Okie said...

Oh man, I REMEMBER when we had our first kiss, but I don't know the date.

Anne said...

Awwww you two are the cutest. I love these stories and I love that you celebrate these moments - how awesome is it to have this long shared history? We still give each other a little extra kiss on the anniversary of our first date and of our first "I love you" (which was 14 years on May 18!).

Erin LFF said...

I love this- you guys really are the cutest, like Anne already said! ;) Jared and I absolutely celebrate/remember silly dates too- but what's life if you aren't celebrating it ya know?? February 28th is what we consider the day we became a couple- but we actually kissed long before that... oops! #college