Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : Flop

Jun 12, 2015

Fridays with Floyd : Flop

Floyd is a tad bit spoiled (no new news there) and gets a special mid day potty break every day.
Mister comes home around lunch time every day to let Floyd out and stretch his legs.  And get a little snack too.

I am pretty sure Floyd is usually half asleep when this is happening but I do know that he loves it.
And what is really loves is being able to lay in sunshine.
There are days when Mister tells me he doesn't even get down the stairs to potty.  
Just flops right down on the porch.
Approximately four days a week I get pictures like below with the caption 'yep. again. didn't even make it down the stairs'.
And some days he does make it down the stairs...and flops down on the ground, refusing to move.
There are days that Mister has had to resort to bribing him inside with large chunks of chicken to get him to even think about meandering up the stairs.

Truth be told, all stubbornness aside, I do love how much Floyd loves being outside and soaking up the sun though.  It warms my heart as much as it warms his belly.  I am certain it is one of his favorite things to do.  Ever.

Happy Friday, friends! 


Erin LFF said...

Haha- so funny! I don't blame him- I'd flop all day in the sunshine if I could too ;)

Bri said...

Bella loves to be outside too. I just wish she would be like Floyd and hang out by herself. She sits by the door to go outside, and the minute she knows we didn't stay outside to play with her, she is pressed up against the door again, crying to come inside with us. #needy.

Sarah Tucker said...

I am like Floyd, in human form, now that school is out. I get just far enough outside to flop down and catch some rays!