Total Basset Case: Bouncy Bouncy

Jun 9, 2015

Bouncy Bouncy

You know how to have a really fun weekend?
Stick a group of best friends in a bouncy house to celebrate a 30th birthday.
My friend Laura recently turned 30 and put together a very fun evening full of said bouncy house, snow cones, fried chicken and mouth watering mac and cheese.
We had the best time bouncing the night away.  And we all came away with only a few injuries ;)
Happy birthday, Laurs!
(you may remember this adorable couple from their beautiful wedding last fall)

When we weren't bouncing we we spent the rest of weekend eating, sipping on wine, going to Drybar and catching up on everyone's life.

I love that my friends love to eat good food as much as I do.
For instance, we went to Bang Bang Pie (pictured above)...twice.
It's that good.

So if you need an activity for your next party, I highly suggest renting a bouncy house.
A good time will be had by all. 


Unknown said...

Shut up. I want a bouncy house for my birthday!!! What a great idea and clearly y'all had fun!! Love it!!

Brittany said...

I feel ridiculous, but it never occurred to me that adults could rent a bouncy house! I guess I thought there was a weight limit or something? Either way, this sounds like a total blast!

Bri said...

So much fun! That food look ah-mazing! We had a bouncy house for my Dad's 50th..Best. Idea. Ever. Haha

Because of Jackie said...

Oh my gosh, this looks like FUN! Glad you had a wonderful time;)

Erin LFF said...

I love it!! I've got a friend who gets a bouncy house EVERY year for her bday- haha, its tradition! I definitely might have to instill this for my 30th in a couple of years :)

Shelley said...

A bouncy house for a birthday celebration? Genius! And so much fun :)
Also, Drybar - would you recommend them? I'm trying to find a good blowout place to use in August when we come home for a wedding!

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

Bounce house! Totally legit for a 30th birthday. I want one!

Kait said...

Do I spy a crop top? You look great!!

John kooper said...

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