Total Basset Case: Whatcha growin?

Jun 30, 2015

Whatcha growin?

We have really enjoyed our pallet garden and the fruits of our labor are starting to show through!
Plus we have a really duitiful garden guardian who keeps a pretty good eye on things.  Although I have seen a few chunky paws imprinted in the soul but I don't want to point fingers at anyone... 

Tomatoes!  The plant is growing like NUTS but we only have about 5 tomatoes growing.  Hoping for more soon!
I have since chopped off the romaine you see above.  I read how to harvest it incorrectly to begin with but have now figured it out :)  Supposedly you cut the stems off about two inches above the ground and the lettuce will start growing again. 
We also have peppers, sweet potatoes, eggplant and cucumbers.  
Currently we have about four cucumbers that are making their way through.  And if they are anything like last years we will have cucumbers to hopefully last us all summer. 

I also have rosemary and basil growing like crazy on our little deck garden.  The basil has been great to make pesto in the Vitamix! 

The joy I get from being able to walk out our back door and pick ingredients for dinner is immense.  
I love being able to eat from our yard and to know that we've put the time and effort into it and are saving money at the same time. 


Erin LFF said...

Seriously SO awesome! I've been saying I want to start a garden but I'm pretty terrible at even keeping house plants alive- I'm afraid I'll fail. But man, to go out back and pick a juicy tomato?! How amazing!!

Kait said...

Oh I just love this! I can't wait to visit and see what you've got growing :)

Sarah Tucker said...

What are you using to keep bugs from eating your plants? Our tomatoes keep getting eaten :(

Anne said...

Oooh, fun! Nothing beats summer produce, and even more exiting to have it right out your back door (not that I'd really know, since I manage to kill most everything...).

Jen said...

Your garden is doing so well! You inspired me to finally get a post up about my garden as well. Our tomato plants are going crazy as well and have some flowers, but no tomatoes just yet. Are you getting a ton of rain lately? It has rained almost every day for like 2 weeks, so our garden is loving it. I love not having to water it every night, but I'm missing the sun!!

Chelsea E. said...

It all looks so good! I've got some plants in pots in the backyard, and I have high hopes we'll get some tomatoes this year. Walter might eat them all before I get to them though. He's helpful like that ha.

Brittany said...

My parents have a huge garden and I always envy them because I live in downtown Indy! Whenever I'm home with them, I always offer to pick the tomatoes or pull the lettuce! They have more than enough for the two of them to eat!