Total Basset Case: Floyd is gearing up

Jul 2, 2015

Floyd is gearing up

Floyd is getting ready for one of the biggest days (well weekends) of his year every year.
He has a very important role during the July 4th weekend and he takes it very, very seriously.

See? Super important job!
I mean, who else is going to bring Mister his beers?

Floyd has also picked up another new career.
(he is a busy man...)
There's a new sheriff in town.  And he means business. And neck fat.

So if you are having a party for the 4th and need someone with four paws to bring your beer OR are in need of a police presence, I've got your man.
He will work for a small fee.  And that fee is a jar of peanut butter.

Happy 4th, everyone! 


Brittany@TheLadyLawyer said...

He looks absolutely thrilled about it :)

Kayla MKOY said...

Lol!!! How adorable. I bet he loves it ;)

Anne said...

Hahahaha. Maybe I can strap one on Hendrik? I feel like Ginger would shake up our cans too much with how much she jumps around...

Bri said...

Hahahaha!! Love it! I think my husband's greatest wish would be to teach Bella how to bring him a beer. lol

Erin LFF said...

Please outsource Floyd to my next party! Plenty of peanut butter to share!! ;)

Chelsea E. said...

SO cute! I love his little vest. Walter would lose his mind over it, and not in a good way! PS, our vet told us that PB with sugar is really bad for their teeth (we fill his kong with it) and suggested using natural no sugar added PB. So now I feel it's my duty to be that annoying person who shares this ha. Walter miiiiight get organic pb from Costco because there's no sugar in it. He might also be incredible spoiled and high maintenance. (and now I feel really annoying, because you probably already know this).