Total Basset Case: Strike a Pose {+ winner}

Oct 28, 2015

Strike a Pose {+ winner}

We have this friend, Jaine, and she is an uber talented photographer.
She happens to be married to one of Mister's best friends so lucky for us she's taken a lot of photos of us over the years.
She took our engagement photos, Floyd's puppy photos and almost shot our wedding but she had a baby a week before so we decided that was a good enough excuse not to do it.
Floyd has been on the other end of her lens quite a few times over the years and every single time the photos make me so happy.

We recently stopped by her new studio with Floyd in tow and the lighting happened to be juuust right for the old Ham Bone. 

It's as if he's grown up in front of the camera or something.

And the winner of the Cards for Canines giveaway is....Brooke!
I cannot wait to see how sweet Melvin turns out! 


Robyn B said...

oh my word. such cute pictures!!! :)

Casey said...

Look at my sweet angel nugget!!!!!!!

Kait said...

OMG look at him!! These need to go on a canvas!

Brooke Hamilton said...

Floyd looks adorable in those pics! Any excuse for some pro pics of our puppies, right?! and I won the giveaway?! Woo hoo! This is so exciting!! Should I send you a separate email?

Bri said...

Sweetest pictures ever!!

Domesticable said...

Such a stud. -Kate

Ashley said...

Ohhhhhhh my goodnessssss!!!!!!! These pictures!!!!

I just looked at Janie's website and she's so good!

The Lady Okie said...

These are awesome! LOL, Floyd :)

{sara jayne} said...

these photos of Floyd are perfect!! - @bassethoundlove :)