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Nov 5, 2015

Kitchen : During

Oh my my the during process.
(If you need to catch up on the kitchen process you can do that here.)

I knew our kitchen would be out of commission for awhile.  And I was prepared for that (for the most part) as was Mister.  But it's never easy to fully comprehend until you are in the middle of it. 
For the most part it was okay.  There were definitely some trying times.

But let me back up to where I last left off.
I came home on the day of the install to one cabinet door short of mass chaos.  Turns out the installers had been using the wrong drawings all day and were convinced they had a large majority of the wrong cabinets.  No one bothered to call me to confirm or deny this so its a good thing I came home when I did.  Once I got them straightened out we were on the right path.  By the end of day one they had most of the boxes built.  
By the end of day two they had everything built, hung on the walls and attached.  
They came back the following day for a few more items. Then we said toot a loo and went along our merry way.
UNTIL (there's always a but isn't there?) we noticed they had mistakenly BURNT our wood floor. 
Oh yes.  
The tracks Ikea uses to hold the cabinets on the wall are metal, which need to be cut to size.  They must have brought a few tracks in while they were still hot and the hot metal dripped on the floor.  Clearly they did not mean to but ugggh not fun.  
Thankfully they were more than happy to come back and fix it.  It was a good thing they did because in the mean time we discovered they had added an extra (unnecessary) filler on our wall cabinets and everything had to be moved down...1".  Yep 1 stinkin inch.  But it had to be done because if not our fridge would not fit properly.  
So to do this they had to cut the metal track in the house (because it was already attached to the wall).  I walked into our kitchen to see this 
I couldn't breathe.
Something about seeing sparks flying through your house is not the most comforting thing.  

Once all of that was settled we were in business as much as we could be.
The countertop installers came a few days later to template and then we waited.  And waited.  And waited for 4+ weeks for our countertops to be actually installed.
Sounds fun, right?

During this time we somehow managed to function without countertops.  We borrowed plywood from the neighbors and got by for awhile with that for the most part.  I was even crazy enough to have a dinner party in the midst of all of that.  Turns out if you put a table cloth on plywood it doesn't look half bad. 

Which leads to me living without a sink...coming up on the next post!


Kait said...

I have no idea how you guys survived!

The Beckers said...

Take this post...multiply it by 100...and now you know what happened at the lake this summer. :( Whhhhaaaa. BUT - YOU have an awesome new kitchen and this summer you guys can come to a BRAND NEW lake house. Should we put it on the calendar?!?! ;)

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