Total Basset Case: Thanksgiving

Nov 30, 2015


We hope everyone had a fabulous, tasty and relaxing Thanksgiving.
I love Thanksgiving (sans the yummy food) it really signifies the holiday season for me. 
I was so thankful to start that off with our Friendsgiving and continue it on with Thanksgiving with our families.  

Wednesday I was able to get out of work early and squeeze a 4 mile run in before we headed home.  Wanted to get an early start on all of those calories ;)

Thursday my mom and I whipped up a Waldorf salad and headed over to Mister's house for a very, very delicious Thanksgiving dinner.  My MIL out did herself and really put on a fabulous meal.  It was a lovely day full of food and good ol chit chat.  We rounded the night about with going to see The Mockingjay Part was good.  Long but good but I do think the other ones were better...

Friday my mom and I headed out to shop.  We Black Friday shop every year and this was no different.   We are not the 3am shoppers but we sure put in a full day.  We spent approximately 12 hours shopping and only had 1 parking spot stolen from us.  
(I almost bought this purse as a treat to myself but I couldn't decide if I would tire of the maroon.)

We came home and I continued my shopping with some online deals and I am proud to say, I am just about done with my Christmas shopping.

Saturday we lounged around and headed back home in the afternoon.  We saw Creed that evening and it was GOOD! If you want to get pumped up...go see that movie.

Sunday was all about church and Christmas card photo shoot.  Floyd was having none of the photos but we did manage to get a few that are worth using.  
You know what they say about working with dogs and children...
We ended our weekend with Sunday night dinner with of my most favorite ways to end a weekend.   

Cheers to a new week and December starting! 


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

"O Christmas Floyd, O Christmas Floyd, how lovely are your ears." That really is a great idea that I might swipe, if Fletch doesn't try to eat the light strand!

Kait said...

OMG Floyd is totally Saying BAH HUMBUG in that photo!!

Anne said...

The sneak peek of that photo shoot is just too much! Sounds like such a perfect weekend... and can I say YAY for 4 miles?! I did that many on Friday - my longest yet on my return (again) from injury. Hurrah.

p.s. I love the maroon.

Erin LFF said...

I need to see Mockingjay AND Creed! Excited about both!! :) I had to work on Black Friday but I scored some awesome deals from my office to mostly finish my shopping ;)

Shelley said...

a good run/workout before a holidays is always great! makes you feel a like you deserve to indulge ;)
mockingjay.. did you read the book? was it close? i've been debating seeing it in the theater or just waiting for redbox.