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Dec 7, 2015

DIY Wine Shelf

When we redid the kitchen we knew there was a chance we would lose our wine cabinet over the fridge.  We attempted to reuse it but our new cabinets were slightly wider and it ended up not fitting/nor was it really worth modifying in order to save it.
So, I decided we would do what any logical people do and just build know, we hadn't had enough DIY lately ;)

The concept was simple, I wanted a shelf with a solid back and dividers to hold bottles.  Simple enough.  
We had built similar shelves that live behind our dining table and we constructed it in a similar fashion and added the slots for the bottles.

Supplies needed (depending on your span)
(1) 3/4" x 4" x 8' board 
(1) 3/4" x 12" x 8' board
long screws
power screwdriver 

We measured out how long we wanted the shelf and took into consideration the width of wine bottles in order to determine how much wood we needed.  We had Lowes cut our boards down to the sizes we wanted.  I believe those are the board sizes we purchased but I could be slightly off.  You could certainly make the dividers shorter but we wanted to be able to stack two bottles in each slot.  We wanted the base and sides to be approximately 12" deep to line up with the adjoining cabinets.

Once the pieces were cut, I stained them all front back and sides and let dry.
Once dry we took the two larger pieces and held them together so they formed an 'L' and drilled those together.
Then we attached the side pieces.  Drilled those from the back and the bottom to make sure they were secure.
From there, after some math skills, we placed the next divider in the middle of the remaining area and then divided those sections equally.  We used two screws for each of these boards to drill through the back.  We also screwed one up from the bottom so that the dividers did not wiggle.
From there we measured where on the wall we wanted the shelf to hang (far enough above the fridge but not so high that I couldn't reach it!  Gotta be able to reach my wine, duh!!
We love the way it turned out!
Sans waiting for the stain to dry, this was a very quick DIY with a big impact.  I love the contract of the rustic type wood next to our new cabinets.


Anne said...

Turned out great! Impressed with the go-get-em DIY... I've been having trouble finding a nice looking wine rack to fit a space I want to use, but instead I just let it sit empty :)

Kait said...

LOVE THIS!! Now, if you could come make me one, that would be great :)

Mariz Denver said...

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