Total Basset Case: DIY Sofa Pillows

Dec 15, 2015

DIY Sofa Pillows

When we updated our rug awhile ago I immediately knew I no longer liked our pillows (welcome to life with a designer).  I had casually been looking for new ones but could not land on anything I liked.
Then one magical day at Home Goods I found these huge orange and white polka dot ones for $16.99/each and they came home with me.  
But then I was stuck.  I didn't like the new pillows with old but I could not find any others that were what I was looking for.
Then it dawned on me...why not just make mine own?  I had the forms from the original ones and knew I could come by fabric pretty inexpensively.  So off to JoAnn's I went.

I picked up three very different but coordinating fabrics for about $25.  
 Then I scoured Pinterest for a simple and quick pillow tutorial.  I've made pillows before but I wanted to make ones with an sham like aspect so they could easily be washed. 
I followed this pin to a 'T' (adjusted for my sizes) and got to sewing! 
 Thankfully these came together quite quickly.  The sewing was easy and I was able to finish them in one evening sitting.  And just like that, our sofa had a bread new look.
I really love them and the pop of color the white adds.  
It just goes to show that something as easy as new pillows can breathe new life into an old space.
Any questions, just ask! 


Anne said...

I love that diamond print! And the fun pattern mix between the rug and the fabric prints. Impressed with your sewing, lady!

Courtney said...

Love those pillows! You're so right - pillows really do breathe life into a room. You've inspired me to dig out my sewing machine and give that pattern a try!

Sarah Tucker said...

I wish I could sew! Maybe one day :) They look great!

Kait said...

I absolutely love this! You're so right about the pops of white adding life!