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Feb 3, 2016

Currently : February

I know February gets a bad wrap but it's generally a fun month in our house.  I LOVE Valentines Day and Mister's birthday happen so that is enough to keep me going during the somewhat dreary days.

And with a new month, means a new Currently...happy to be linking up with Anne and Jenna again this month.  

Sending : I just sent out Valentine's cards to some of my favoritest ladies earlier this week.  Hopefully they arrive by the weekend.  The Dollar Stop (you know, danger zone) had some of THE most adorable Valentine's cards the other day.  It was necessary I stocked up.  I love sending snail mail and Valentine's day is the perfect opportunity.  

Eating :  I already told you guys about the Mississippi roast and I will repeat again, make it!
On the other end of the spectrum we've been eating a lot of sautéed/roasted veggies.  We were in a bit of a veggie rut at the end of the year but recently we've really been into kale...mmm! Earlier this week we had turkey burgers on the menu and at the last minute I decided to take them up a notch...I'll have the recipe up next week!

Dreaming : of consistent warmer weather.  We had awesome (running) weather over the weekend and it left me yearning for Spring.  These mid 50s+ can stick around for as long as the want!

Smelling : a buttered bread candle my mom got us...yum!  I just finished Marshmallow Fireside and realized all the other candles I have are either fall or Christmas themed.  Looks like I'll have to make a trip to Bath and Body Works to get some new candles, darn ;)

Hearting : My girls and our group chats.  I am certain that between us all we could save the world.  I look forward to our conversations every day.  We cover, literally, everything under the sun.  And it's awesome.  Besties really make my world go round. 


Bri said...

As much as I love my vest and boots...I'm with ya on warmer weather. :)

Kait said...

Come visit me and we can bask in the sunshine-y glory!! Also, I can't wait for the turkey burger recipe! We've been really into chicken burgers. I just throw everything into my Vitamix and it makes it ground up to the perfect consistency!

Flannery said...

Have you seen the NY Times slightly healthier/less processed version of this roast?


Erin LFF said...

Seriously- this weather is rocking right now. I'm sad because I know it won't stay, but man it's nice while it's here! :)

Anne said...

I'm happily in a veggie rut... still can't get enough of roasted carrots, which I eat a tray of every day for lunch :) And I love sending Valentines to lady friends - my preferred way to celebrate this holiday. Jealous of your amazing running weather. Just one of the things I miss about Cincinnati.

Thanks for joining us this month!