Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd

Feb 26, 2016

Fridays with Floyd

Many moons ago there used to be weekly 'Fridays with Floyd' around these parts.
I apologize he hasn't made an appearance lately but after a few requests to see his sassy mug, he's back!!

Thankfully (for us) Floyd hasn't done anything too crazy or rambunctious lately.   But he still have all his same quirks and has picked up some new ones.

For example:  
Really, really loving to lay on top of our covers at night.  Smack in the middle of the bed.  And if you've never tried to pull your covers up from under a 56lbs basset hound who is dead asleep, well then, you've never really had a workout.  
I mean, who doesn't want an arm work out at 2 am?!
(Neighborhood watch is VERY important.  Even when it's dark outside.)

We have started putting coconut oil on Floyd's food to help with his skin/coat/overall health.  Recently he has taken to purely eating the hunk of coconut oil first and then coming back to finish the bowl about 5 minutes later.  Personally I think a spoonful of coconut oil sounds terrible but he's eaten a lot of strange things in life soooo 

Speaking of eating, we recently picked up new food for Floyd just to switch things up a little.  I can't quite tell how he feels about it yet though.  I feel strongly about it because it is supposed to help his skin, stomach and isn't full of junk.  We have slowly been mixing it in.  I'll see if he wants to do a  review soon. 

Something he does feel strongly about are these dental bones that the kind folks at Chewy sent him.  

He has always been a fan of dental hygiene so these bones were a no brainer.  We try to keep up with his teeth brushing but admittedly, we are non consistent.  Because of this I like to make sure I am giving him bones/treats that also help with his dental health.  

And that's a little about Floyd lately.  Any burning questions you have for him?

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Kayla MKOY said...

I've missed Floyd!!! :) the other day Caleb and I were running through our neighborhood and an owner was walking his Basset and this dog was straight up mean muggin us. But it was the cutest thing ever! ;)