Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : Double the Love

Feb 15, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up : Double the Love

This Monday you are getting a double weekend wrap up, aren't you lucky?

Last weekend was spent in Indy with the besties and then last week just did not go well and got away from me.  SO here is a double round up.

As I said, last weekend we headed to Indy to see the friends and celebrate a gender reveal!  
It's a girl for Maggie! 

It was downright amazing to spend a semi low key weekend with the besties just chattin it up!
And wandering through BabyGap looking at all of the tiny, adorable things.

We were even able to FaceTime Marge.  It was so glorious to see her face :)

And this past l-o-v-e weekend we headed home to see our parents and celebrate Mister's birthday (coming up on Tuesday!)
Friday night my mama made Mister a Mississippi roast and a derby pie, he was in heaven!
Saturday we were very, very lazy and then headed to a dinner theater for the evening.
Valentine's Day 

we started the day off with brunch with Mister's mama and then headed back home. Mister and I had a very romantic gym date and then made dinner together, our favorite Thai pizza.  
Snuggles with the basset rounded out our lovely day.  

Oh! And this weekend I tried out Kroger's ClickList* (essentially a grocery pick up service, genius!).  I put my order in on Friday night, chose a pick up time and then we swung by Kroger on Sunday to pick it up.  It really could not have been easier.  I actually do not mind going to the grocery if we've been home and I've had time to prepare a meal plan and a list.  But if we have been out of town, going to the grocery is the last thing I want to do.  So this service is GENIUS.  

*Kroger has no idea who I am but if they want me to be a ClickList ambassador I am happy to do that. 


Ashley said...

I'll be your Valentine, Floyd!!!!!!!!!!

Kait said...

I want someone to pick up all my groceries!!!

Erin LFF said...

BabyGap is definitely a very dangerous place! SO MANY CUTE THINGS! I need to check and see if our Kroger just the pick-up or not!

Edye Nicole said...

Floyd is so precious! I'll be his valentine <333

Edye //

Jen said...

Floyd is such a cute Valentine! And I've been meaning to try the Curbside pickup at Giant Eagle. I'm just afraid I'll get spoiled and want to do it all the time...ha! I'm also nervous about someone else picking out my produce/meat. How did that go for you?

Anne said...

All sounds so lovely - BabyGap, old married couple gym dates, mom time. Doesn't get better! Also this new revelation makes me miss Kroger even more... here my options are Meijer (it's headquartered nearby - but I HATE shopping at such a huge store) or a different local brand that is sooooo much more expensive than Kroger that I almost get hives every time I shop. Which is like every day because I can't get it together to stock up better. Which is why I need this click thing!!

Kylie @ Counselor with a Cape said...

We got a grocery service here that you put your order in, select a delivery time, and someone actually brings your groceries right to your door! LOVE it! It's only a yearly fee of like $50 and as long as your orders are over $35 they are all delivered free. So convenient!!