Total Basset Case: 6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

Mar 29, 2016

6 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas

We are big fans of celebrating anniversaries with traditional gifts.
We've been doing this since our first anniversary and we love to continue it each year.  It is so fun to see what we each come up with and get our creative juices flowing.

Once one anniversary is celebrated and over, we love to look up what the next years is and brainstorm  all year. 
Mister always knocks it out of the park with his gifts and ideas, every single year.
You can see my other gift guides and what we've given each other here.  

So as I mentioned, year 6 is iron and candy, which, in my opinion, is crazy. BUT we are not ones to back down from a challenge.
So we went with it.  We opened the playing field eventually to all metal because just iron was getting a little tricky.  I will show you soon what we ended up getting one another but first here are where our ideas stemmed from.
6 year anniversary

Cast iron skillet (the best way to make corn bread)
Cast iron griddle/grill pan (we use our grill pan ALL the time)
Iron shepherds hook (for beautiful Spring hanging baskets of flowers)
Candy of any shape and size (Mister will always choose Reese's)
Iron sculptures (I would choose a basset)
Branding iron/grill press (for yummy Summer burgers)
An actual iron (sometimes practical comes in handy)
Golf clubs (a great way to spend summer evenings together)
Personalized iron signs/sayings (sky is the limit here! Monogram, anniversary, first address)

The other option is to go with a 'half dozen' theme and put together a collection of 6 of something.  Obviously the first thing that comes to mind is doughnuts :) 


Kait said...

"Obviously I would choose a basset". Lol! These are such great ideas and I love the traditional themes. Dane and I have started doing the same!

Erin LFF said...

I always enjoy your anniversary posts each year- plus since I'm a year behind you I always get great ideas for our own! Can't wait to see what you 2 got each other this year :)

Shelley said...

i love that you guys started this tradition of traditional gifts and have continued it throughout the years! every time you post about these gifts, it makes me wish austin and i started this years ago when we got married also!

Anne said...

Always love seeing what you lovebirds come up with... pretty much we go out to dinner for our anniversary (or to the Bahamas, can't complain about that) so it's fun to see your themed stuff. And the cast iron skillet would be the gift that keeps on giving!

Jen said...

I love all of your gift guides and am finding them super helpful. We are coming up on 2 this year and are also going with the traditional gifts. Happy belated anniversary!

Wenni Donna said...

Superb anniversary gift ideas! Really like all gift inspirations. Would love to buy this entire stuff for my friend who is getting married at destination wedding venues LA. She loves cooking and will definitely like these gifts.