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Mar 31, 2016

Recipe : Scotcheroos Cookie Butter Style

We recently had some friends over for a low key dinner and I can't serve dinner without dessert.
I turned to Pinterest and my pantry and figured out what I could make with what I have.
An.d with that combination, Cookie Butter Scotcheroos were born

I originally found the recipe here and followed it pretty much to a 'T'.
These are very, very off limits for me BUT there were rave reviews around the table so I think they were a hit.   I took the leftovers into work and people lost their minds, so again, this recipe is a winner.  And you should make it immediately.  

These were incredibly simple to make and could easily be done with regular ol peanut butter or biscoff spread.  Did you know that biscoff spread (found at the grocery) is basically the same thing as Cookie Butter if you do not live near a Trader Joe's?

I raided my pantry and gathered the goods and go to work!
I did sneak a bite of those Reese's peanut butter chips, those are amazing.
Now I will say these are tricky to cut.  It is best to set them out of the fridge for a while and let them slightly warm up before you start cutting them.  Unless you want to bend your knife, but hey, thats up to you.  

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Ashley G said...

Whhattttt! These look amazing!

Kait said...

I NEED THESE IN MY LIFE IMMEDIATELY! Though, Cookie Butter is very much off limits for me so I would swap out PB!

Meg Taylor said...

Oh my god, I am obsessed with the name of your blog!! SO CUTE!! These look amazing, and so many of my favorite flavors :)

Meg, Borrowed Heaven

Edye Nicole said...

These look heavenly, Sarah! Thanks for the recipe :)

Edye //

Anne said...

Oh man, these sound amazing. Good thing I didn't look at this before my quick Cincinnati visit when I was at Trader Joe's or I would have bought cookie butter and eaten a whole pan :) Thanks for joining the linkup again!