Total Basset Case: It's all Natural

Mar 3, 2016

It's all Natural

For awhile now (yearish) I have been doing my best to purchase more natural products for our house and to use on our skin.  I have been doing my best to make a conscious effort to know what is going in our bodies and being used in our home.   
Along these same lines is my decision to purchase cruelty free makeup/skin care products, when available.  I am not going to get into it (because I just can't) but if I have the option to buy cruelty free, I do my best to choose that option.

I am not ready for a full household overhaul but I thought I would go over and share some of the natural items that we've been utilizing around these parts.
Its all natural

JR Watkins Counter Spray : I am obsessed with how this smells.  Plus Target generally has it on sale. We also love their dish soap.

Caldrea Dish Soap :  I am partial (by partial I mean obsessed with the smell) to the Mandrain version of this dish soap but it is often on clearance at Target so I am fearful it is being discontinued.  But for now, I stock up whenever I see it on sale and hope to never run out. 

Rosewater and Glycerin Spray :  I first heard about this in a vlog by Melanie.  She was singing the praises of it's hydration for your face, especially in the winter.  In the midst of December when the dry air was causing dry havoc on my face, I ordered this immediately.   I keep it on the edge of my tub and spritz my face every time I get out of the shower.  Talk about hydration! My face now craves this, if I don't put it I can definitely tell a difference.    

Coconut Oil : This is no news to anyone but coconut oil is fantastic for everything. I literally keep jars everywhere in the house and use it for everything under the sun.  
For example:
Floyd gets a dollop on his food at each meal
I recently used it to heal my (very serious) burn on my hand
I use it to whiten my teeth
I cook with it
I use it on zits 
And if you live near an Aldis, I would definitely suggest picking it up there, so cheap! 

Lavender Oil :  I have not jumped on the essential oils train (and frankly not sure I will).  BUT I have discovered lavender oil and really enjoy it.  
First our vet suggested it for Floyd for when we travel to calm his nerves.  I dab a little on his neck (through allll that extra skin) and it almost immediately calms him down.  Plus it makes me smell like a dream.  
The second use I've discovered lately was also for my hand burn.  A friend suggested putting it on my scar to help minimize it.  I was skeptical at first but it is really working, I am very impressed! 

That is just a sprinkling of the natural products we are implementing in our house.  As I mentioned, cosmetics is next on the list.  I have transitioned a few items (body wash and some make up) and am very happy with those items.  I have decided, if there is an option for a natural/cruelty free item that works as well, I am doing my best to purchase those.  
Everything in moderation, right?


Lisa @ Naptime Chai said...

YES coconut oil for everything! Right now I'm using it to (hopefully) avoid stretch marks - and so far, so good!

Kait said...

Coconut oil is amazing! Now I want to look into that rose spray!!

jessica // union shore said...

I'm trying to be more conscious of the products I use too! Coconut oil is def a must and use that stuff for everything!! and I love that spray too!

Anne said...

Having a kid, especially once he started being able to open cupboards, definitely has gotten me down this route... I want to make sure if he got into anything, it wouldn't be harmful! And then of course that makes you think you shouldn't be using anything harmful in general.

I'm a little on the fence about essential oils too, but I do have the Young Living starter kit and did an event where we made several natural cleaning products scented with them, and they're great. One's an all-purpose spray, and one's a foaming hand wash. They have Dr. Bronner's in them, which is a great natural soap you can get at Target. And the lemon and peppermint essential oil scents are SO good.