Total Basset Case: Weekend Wrap Up : Spring Spruce Up

Mar 7, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up : Spring Spruce Up

This weekend was all about doing a little sprucing up around our house.

Friday I finalllly finished my puzzle.  I was dorkishly overjoyed.  On to the next one!
We made a simple dinner of buffalo turkey burgers and watched The Intern.

Saturday I got bootcamp out of the way and then Floyd had an appointment with a trainer. 
It is on our 2016 list to get him a little bit of help and this was the first step.  We've known for a while that Floyd is extra anxious and we were able to confirm that this weekend after speaking with the trainer.  It absolutely breaks my heart that he's anxious BUT she gave us some really great suggestions and things to work on.  I plan on keeping a record and sharing some of the tips we are trying out.  Update on all of that soon but so far so good with what we've implemented.

On to the sprucing up!
I ran to HomeGoods (always dangerous) and picked up a new mirror and shelf for our guest room.  I had been wanting to update both of those things and HomeGoods happened to have both #meanttobe 
I wanted the shelf to serve a decorative purpose but also be able to hold my necklaces.  The one I found fit the bill!
While Mister was installing our new ceiling fan (he is rockstar!) I hung up the new mirror and he helped me with the shelf.  
(please don't judge my scarf situation...)
I am so happy with the way they turned out! 
We rested up with a movie and popcorn after everyone's big day.

Sunday I was able to sneak in another long run, this time without all the wind.  I did 8.5 miles, longest run in a long time! I am hoping to keep upping the mileage as much as I can.  However just thinking that makes me crave a massage. 


Erin LFF said...

LOVE that new shelf you got especially- so cute and convenient to hold necklaces too!!! :) I hope the trainer helps with Floyd, poor buddy!

Kait said...

Holy perfect! I love that shelf and necklace holder so much!!