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Mar 23, 2016

On the Shelf {Book Reviews}

It's been awhile since I've done a book review and I've been doing pretty well with keeping up with my goal of reading 45 this year so it was high time I updated you!

The below are a mix of books I've read and listened to in the car.  My drive to work now is a bit longer so it is a good time to go through a lot of books.  I often will also listen to books while working at my desk.  I have to admit sometimes I am in the midst of 3 different books at once...
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1. Crazy Rich Asians : This was quite the silly/extravagant book but I liked it.  It was entertaining to say the very least.  It would be a great beach read for this summer.  The story follows Rachel Chu as she ventures to meet her boyfriends family in Singapore.  The families involved in the story are (as you guessed) crazy rich, very nosy and the socialites of the city.  3.5/5
2. China Rich Girlfriend : This is the follow up to Crazy Rich Asians and follows about the same story line, more money, more trips, more craziness family drama.  I enjoyed the first one a little more, it was a slightly more action packed but I did enjoy that they followed one another.  The fact that the story lines were already developed made for a quick read.  Again, a good beach read. 3/5
3.  These is My Words : Casey recommend this book to me and I am so glad she did.  I listened to this one at my desk and it helped the day go by so quickly.  This book follows the life of Sarah Anges Prine throughout her life in a series of diary entries.  I loved seeing Sarah's life through her own lens and how she relived her day to day through her journal.  3.5/5
4.  Pretty Girls : Kait recommend this read to me and I have mixed feelings about it.  It is well written but it is disturbing.  I would equate it to a psychological thriller.  Like I said, it's good but it also gave me nightmares.  But if you love books like that, this is very much for you and would be a fabulous beach read.  The plot follows 2 sisters as they try to uncover their sister's disappearance and get in a lot of mess in between.  I will leave it at that. 3/5
5.  The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry :  Another Casey recommendation and I loved it!  There is a follow up to this book that I'm dying to read but it hasn't been available at the library yet.  This story follows Harold Fry as he sets out one day and just starts walking.  He encounters the world, quite the following and most importantly, himself.  4/5
6.  The Silent Sister : Mister and I listened to this one and we both really enjoyed it.  This story follows one sister on her quest to find her older sister she thought was dead.  The storyline is told from both sisters point of view through a series of flashbacks.  While books like that can be confusing at first, I love all of the information they provide.  4/5
7.  Me Before You : Jojo Mayes generally doesn't let me down and this book was no different.  It is a bit of a tear jerker and a thinker but worth the read.  It was a bit slow in a few parts but overall it was a page turner.  
8.  After You : A follow up to Me Before You, After You picks up right where it should however it develops strangely.  This book is written well but was a little more all over the place than the first book was.  While I love Jojo (as I said) I feel like she tried to cram too many things into one story, it could have been paired down.  3.5/5
9.  Crooked Letter, Crooked Letter : This was an Anne recommendation that Mister and I also listened to in the car.  When a girl that Larry Ott took on a date in high school has disappeared and never found again, all signs point to Larry.  The story follows Larry and his boyhood friend (no longer speaking) as an investigation grows because a new girl is missing, 20 years later.  Again, all signs point to Larry.  4/5

And that's what I've been reading and listening to lately.  Do you have any good recommendations for me?  


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I am such a weenie. I want to read Me Before You, but the trailer for the movie made me bawl! I have heard that the sequel doesn't measure up.

Kait said...

I need to get the silent sister! It came highly recommended somewhere else so now I for sure need to snag a copy!

Anne said...

So many good reads here! Glad you enjoyed Crooked Letter, and you really do have to get your hands on the follow up to Harold Fry. I thought it was even better. Good reads from my recent vacation: The Martian (a good one for misters too - Peter liked it), The Opposite of Everyone (my favorite author, Joshilyn Jackson), and I also loved Be Frank with Me.

Allison said...

Anne recommended The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry to me and I loved it! I've been wanting to read the follow up book too!!! It's on my Goodreads to read list...which speaking of I just added you. I'm pretty obsessed with Goodreads haha. And I'm so glad to hear you sometimes have 3 books going at once. I never thought I could do that, but now I'm almost always reading a book at home, listening to one in the car, etc. People think I'm crazy, but I can't get enough. I'm reading the Nightingale (so good, so far) and listening to Me Before You!

Brooke Hamilton said...

I just added The Pilgrimage of Harold Fry to my reading list. I think it will be a great one for my book club!

Roots Out West said...

I'm currently reading Me Before you! I recently posted a spring reading list, I'll have to check out some of these when I work through my list.