Total Basset Case: Short and Sweet

Apr 25, 2016

Short and Sweet

Short and sweet for a post today but I have a good reason...
however, it starts with some bad news.
My computer is having a hissy fit and not working like I need it to.
SO she is going to the Apple doctor soon.
Because of that, and the slowness at which she is running, blogging has been quite difficult lately.

BUT the good news is, this past weekend we were home celebrating the lovely Whitney's wedding with a beautiful shower.  AND Floyd was able to see his Gma and he went on about 47 walks.  
He also went on a very fun golf cart ride.  I think the only thing better to him than smelling the whole golf course is doing it at 15 mph cruising down the cart path.

He also staked his claim on the back 9.
Dis my golf course, Mama.

Hope your weekend was fabulous and beautiful! We can't get enough of this great weather!
I hope to be back later this week with more posts and a better working computer, fingers crossed! 


Unknown said...

Good luck with your computer problems! Time for a new one....?

Casey said...

hahaha I still love this photo so much.

Kait said...


Katie @ Team Skelley said...

I have had to take my MacBook in twice -- first time, it was stuffed with Baxter hair and overheated and second time the keyboard was stopped up with pet dander and had stopped working (Fletcher). Be prepared for it to be Floyd-related! :D