Total Basset Case: Basset Brigade takes Asheville

Jun 28, 2016

Basset Brigade takes Asheville

When Casey and Eric were (surprise!) visiting me last December we were already talking about the next time we would get together. 
We finally settled on Asheville at the end of June.
After months of waiting the weekend was finally upon us!
We were extra excited because Casey and Eric informed us that Ashville is EXTREMELY dog friendly so Floyd and Pierre were along for the ride as well.
We rented an adorable little house and had the most fabulous, fun filled and relaxing weekend.

We spent the weekend exploring, walking all over, eating, drinking (not for me) and touring around Asheville.
Thursday we headed to dinner at Wicked Weed (yum!) and wondering around downtown Asheville.

Friday we spent the morning lounging around.  Casey and I did what we do best, sit on the sofa, drink coffee and snuggle bassets.  We then headed up to the highest point on the Eastern coast, Mt. Mitchell.
Mister and I realized we've seen mountains on the West and East coast all within the last month.

That afternoon we grabbed the pups and headed to lunch at 12 Bones.  
Floyd's bbq order wasn't filled so he was pouting...
 After lunch we walked around downtown Asheville wandering in and out of shops.  I was so excited to know that the pups were allowed just about everywhere.
Floyd was not quite so thrilled with all the shopping.  But the cool air conditioning inside was a big hit for him.

All weekend we kept hearing, 'there are 2 of them! Awwwww!'  
If Floyd and Pierre were petted once this weekend, they were petted a million times.  And they didn't hate it.  Of course I didn't manage to get a photo of them together but I promise they are besties.

Saturday we spent a large part of the day at the Biltmore Estate.  I had visited Biltmore many moons ago and I was so excited to go back and experience it again.  That place will never cease to amaze me.

For dinner we headed to White Duck Taco (still dreaming about those tacos) and took the dogs again.  They were so welled behaved (sans the slobber Floyd slung...) and stopped by quite a few basset lovers.

We had been wanting to visit Asheville for a long time and I am so glad that we were finally able to.  We had the best time with Casey and Eric and being able to have the dogs explore around with us was a real added bonus. 


Anne said...

So fun! I've heard good things about Asheville many times and now would really love to get there.

Katie @ Team Skelley said...

Asheville is such a cool place, I am glad that you and Casey got to experience it together -- and the basset boys too!