Total Basset Case: The Faces...

Jun 23, 2016

The Faces...

...of Floyd

I never would have thought that when we brought Floyd home that he could possibly have so many facial expressions.  

If you've been around us for more than 5 seconds you know that we have entire conversations based on what we think Floyd is saying and thinking.  
Most of these conversations come based on the MANY facial expressions he makes.
It may be hard to believe that I swear he has as many facial expressions as a human.

They amaze me every day.
 Mostly I think he is saying, 'really mom,  more photos?!'
and this is just straight up SASS
but the cute always wins me over
He knows how to work those hound dog eyes, no matter what he is trying to say with them.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

He is SO cute!
Also, love your blog! Really lovely with Floyd in the top banner <3