Total Basset Case: Grandma's = Treats

Jun 20, 2016

Grandma's = Treats

Floyd is well aware that when he goes to his Grandmas's house that he's going to get spoiled.  
If you thought he was spoiled at our house, you should see the special relationship him and Grandma have.  They are best buds.

One of Floyd's favorite things about Grandma's house (especially in the summer when he gets to vacation there when mama and papa are out of town) is that she feeds him lots and lots of Pup-Peronis
He can look at her and she gives him a Pup-Peroni.
He can look at her again 3 seconds later and she gives him a Pup-Peroni. 
You could say he has the system mastered.  

I think it's a combination of these faces, he knows how to work those hound dog eyes.
So when a magical box of Pup-Peroni swag showed up on our doorstep, Floyd requested it was immediately taken to Grandma's house so that her supply would be fully stocked for his next weekend trip.
The other thing Floyd really loves about summertime and Grandma's house is that she lives on a golf course! ALL the sniffing possibilities you could EVER imagine for this hound dog. 
We are convinced he could sniff for hours out there.
As soon as we walk in the door and he gets his first round of treats, he INSISTS on bee lining it to the course.
 'I will sit for one photo and then we are going to the golf course!!'
'This is NOT going to the golf course.  You can see that it is over there and we are here...'
'I am really over this. You promised the golf course THEN I get the treats.'

Floyd knows that as soon as he comes back in from sniffin, he gets treats from Grandma.  It's really a win win for him all around. 

And lucky for all of Floyd's friends, Pup-Peroni is offering you guys to take the Beef Up Your Summer quiz to tell Pup-Peroni about activities you & your best dog enjoy doing together during the summer.  Those who complete the quiz will be entered to win a curated box filled with up to $300 worth of toys & treats, including a one-year supply of Pup-Peroni dog treats, to help the owner & dog Beef Up Summer together.  How awesome is that?!


Kait said...

Floyd you are so cute!

Unknown said...

Looking good, Floyd! BTW: Mom, are you sure that Floyd is not ordering Pup Peronis online, while you are at work? 😊