Total Basset Case: Fridays with Floyd : Salty or Sweet

Sep 16, 2016

Fridays with Floyd : Salty or Sweet

As I've mentioned, Floyd is just about the first question out of our friends mouth once they find out we're expecting. 
It was ours too.
I've read plenty of stories about dogs and their intuition and protecting their mamas once they know they are pregnant.
Early on, there were a few times that I knew Floyd could tell something was up.
But more so here lately, his senses are definitely heightened.
It really warms my heart to know that he feels the need to protect me.
To a certain extent ;)

A few occasions lately Mister and I have hugged/kissed and Floyd comes barreling around the corner and barks at us.  I told him we were not starting that habit and to cool his jets.  
'Stay aray from my mama!'

If it is just Floyd and I out on a walk, he has been known to bark and lose his cool if we pass another dog that he normally would have just walked on past. 
'Stay aray from my mama!'

And on the flip side of his multiple personalities, he has actually been really, really sweet lately.
That or his jealously is already building and he is stocking up on snuggles...feel free to weigh in your two cents.
Lately when it is just him and I on weekend mornings, I make (decaf) coffee and sit on the sofa and read.  He has been coming and snuggling with me and laying his head on my stomach.  And then I die of cuteness.
 Last weekend I was in Little Mister's room sitting in our glider and here he came to investigate and then laid down and just snoozed while I was in there.  Precious.
   So it's really a toss up, but I hope we are leaning towards the sweet side.


Kait said...

I hope he decides to be sweet this weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Sarah Tucker said...

Graham is now starting to recognize Bays and Wrigs and it is THE cutest thing! He dies laughing at the mere presence of Bailey and she is so patient with him. I think dogs and babies are the best!