Total Basset Case: A New Arrival : Part 2

Oct 4, 2016

A New Arrival : Part 2

You can catch up on part 1 here.
A quick refresher...Little Mister decided he wanted to join the party 10 weeks early.
And he's super cute.
Those are the main details ;) 

When we last left off, Little Mister made quite the appearance into the world and Mister and I were beyond smitten, thrilled, in shock and even more so in LOVE.

I can't tell you how many times Mister and I looked at each other for the remainder of Saturday and just smiled, laughed and shook our head in amazement of everything that had transpired.
Between about 9:30 am and 5:09 pm we managed to cram a lot in.  

That evening we visited Little Mister in the NICU and then managed to chill out for a while.
Having Kait and Casey and my mama in town was an absolute God send.
Not only did they keep us company, bring us dinner, be generally awesome, and take care of all of those things mamas take care of,  they also helped take care of Floyd.  Between them and our neighbors, I was relieved to know that Floyd was well taken care of and had someone to snuggle with, thanks Gma!
We managed to sleep a little that night...between hospital beds/sofas and our minds swirling with the events of the day, sleep didn't come as easily as you would have thought with our exhaustion but we were thankful for some.

Sunday morning we woke up and went to visit Little Mister as fast we could.
 As we have been the whole time, that morning we were incredibly impressed with the care Little Mister was receiving.  In the light of day and after some sleep, we were able to more fully grasp what we were dealing with- as much as was possible 1 day in.  
We spent a good chunk of time with Little Mister and just chatted with him.  Once Mister and I stuck our heads and hands inside his portholes and started talking to him, he fluttered his eyes open recognizing our voice.  This was THE best and just what I needed after the craziness we had been through.
 While I was pregnant Mister spent a lot of time talking to my belly and you could tell it really paid off ;)

A funny tidbit from Sunday:
At one point in the day Mister ran out to get coffee.
On his was back he texted me to say he was headed back and we realized our last text exchange before that was him checking on me at 9:45 am on Saturday in triage at the first hospital.  We both immediately said 'whoa, we've done a lot in between these last 2 texts'. 

Throughout the day we visited Little Mister a few more times in between visitors and cat naps.  
Again Kait and Casey saved our day and brought us dinner and much needed distractions and company.  
Monday was our discharge day.  We spent the morning with Little Mister chatting and snuggling.
Then it was time to go home and get back to Floyd.  I will be honest, leaving the hospital without Little Mister was one of the hardest things we've ever done.  Ever.
BUT we know he is in THE best hands and THE best care and that puts us very much at ease.  

And that's part 2.  Part 3 to follow ;)


Casey said...

Look at my perfect little angel!!! I cannot wait to get back to the three of you!!!

Casey said...

Look at my perfect little angel!!! I cannot wait to get back to the three of you!!!

Unknown said...

He is beautiful Sarah! The baby high is just amazing and keeps Mommy and Daddy going through those sleepless nights down the road. I am so excited to hear more about Floyd's reaction to to his little "bubby ". He is such a baby himself ! Just wanted to share with you a tip about preemie clothes .. Carters @ Rookwood will have some, but Carters online has many more. It amazes me how tiny they are ! ❤️

Unknown said...

I love reading your story from your perspective. Grow, Little Mister!

Unknown said...

This is precious, Sarah! =)

Kait said...

EEEK! I am so thankful I was able to be there. Like Casey said, I can't wait to get back. Maybe this time I'll bring Dane so there's less confusion about who my spouse is ;)